Friday, October 7, 2016

Awesome Pampering Exclusive for Men at The Men's Room

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Whether men will admit it or not, they still get distracted or annoyed when in the company of women. Imagine the scenario when men visit salons for some pampering services. You might witness some a bit shy or awkward being seen serviced at the same room with the women.

Admittedly, men do need some quality time away from women. So they could be with the guys, and simply relax like being in the comfort of their own homes - minus the female homo sapiens of the family. We sometimes call it the man cave - our place of refuge where we can be ourselves without the glaring eyes of our lover or wife, or some random women like the ones who would suddenly stepped in a unisex salon.

This is why the owners of The Men's Room have decided to built this special place where men can be assured there would be almost zero presence of women except for the staff at the reception and the masseuse or physical therapists who would do your massage or body spa.

There's currently three barbers working there, and all are men since it's very rare to see women who are experts in manly haircuts. Of course, women will do the massage and both scrubs since most men do not want to be touched by another man.

During my visit at The Men's Room, I availed of the Full Body Spa and chose the Goat's Milk Body Scrub option. The other two choices were Coffee and Malunggay. I chose the Goat's Milk because I've already experience Coffee Body Scrub before at a different salon, and the Malunggay Body Scrub could make me smell that of "Tinolang Manok."  Lol!

Seriously, I would try out the Malunggay Body Scrub the next time I have another Full Body Scrub at The Men's Room.

You can also buy some grooming products at The Men's Room that are proudly organic. You might be surprised what that switchblade really is - a comb for your hair!

After an hour of pleasurable pampering, I was also offered to try the other services so I chose a haircut, and when I saw that my white hairs are already showing, I requested a hair dye as well.

I could sense that my barber was very experienced since he easily got my haircut done in just a few minutes, followed by a very neatly done hair dye. I swear I never had it this easy. There's only a few salons out there who worked as neat as their barbers.

The bonus factor is that the dye used on my hair was said to be organic. Now, that's highly appreciated since I wouldn't want to be constantly exposed to chemicals that could damage my hair and scalp.

I should also mention that you are definitely well taken cared of at The Men's Room. They would immediately offer you something to drink while they prepare for your servicing requirements, and another serving of drinks afterwards. Drinks could be coffee, tea or cola.

The Men's Room is located at the 2nd floor of the Oracle Hotel and Residences found at Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City.

To know more about the Men's Room, please check out their Facebook page at

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