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Victoria Court Thematic Parties and Events: Party Beyond the Ordinary at the Hyve Party Suite

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Admittedly, we all know motels still have that awful misconception of being a "quickie" spot where couples could sneak in a few hours of intimacy. Many would either grin or give out a naughty smile every time one person utters the name "Victoria Court." I guess their logo could also mean something quite provocative as if asking everyone to keep mum about something meant to remain unspoken or a secret.

This is why some people are still trying to avoid being seen anywhere within the areas of similar motels since there are people who are still living in the old days. The kinky photo-shoots done on the Victoria Court motels was not a big help either. Imagine scantily-clad women posing provocatively for the camera - that's going to be frowned by conservative individuals who grew up in a family that's still tied up with our less liberal culture.

Maybe the horny men are feasting their eyes on the almost naked ladies but it didn't really help the image of Victoria Court to attract decent couples, barkadas and families who just want to spend the night at their regular rooms or celebrate a party at one of their themed rooms. I guess the target market of Victoria Court are still those people who want to explore more the sensual sides of their personalities.

Not too many are aware that Victoria Court has quite a number of suites that boasts of luxurious themes to hold special occasions for a variety of possibilities like role-playing parties where everyone can dress up as their favorite characters from a Hollywood movie, superhero comic book or sci-fi or fantasy novel. As one of their slogan dictates, this is the place where you can party beyond the ordinary.

They recently invited us to the grand press launch of their Hyve Party Suite last January 30 at the Victoria Court Escarpment in Pasig City. Fabulous finger foods, and some prizes for their I-Spy social media challenges were given to the participants composed mostly of lifestyle bloggers.

If you're wondering why the entrance to the Hyve Party Suite is like that time travelling portal used in Austin Powers movie, the suite at the Victoria Court Pasig Escarpment was originally the Austin Powers room that they transformed into the Hyve Party Suite theme. But they still have the Austin Powers themed suite in another branch just in case a customer would look for it. I understand that they should go with the flow or demand and since party rooms are probably the "in" thing nowadays, it was a justifiable decision to reinvent one of their suites.

The Hyve Party Suite was filled with food and liquor during that night because of the grand press launch, and the jacuzzi was filled with bottles of liquor submerged in lots of iced water.

There was also two rooms having queen size beds that perfect after a night of partying. But who's going to sleep when you want to maximize the night drinking booze and mingling, singing or dancing with other party-goers.

We were also toured around some of their themed rooms where we were ecstatically impressed by the luxurious setups. Though some minor parts of the room, specifically the control  panels for the dancing lights at one room, were not working, the total appeal of each room was so splendid that it really seems you stepped into a whole new world beyond the ordinary. Some of these rooms cost a fortune to build, and we are overwhelmed with their investment challenge just to be able to give their customers a one-of-a-kind daytime or overnight experience.

The naughty Bachelorette and Stag Parties are still their biggest clientele but they also have their fair share of Celebrity Shoots, MTVs and Press Conferences. Knowing the kids nowadays are more adventurous and open-minded, some may even want to hold their teen parties at their rooms where everyone can also have a costume party at an ambiance like they are in a majestic make-believe world where their imagination can take them anywhere they wish.

The Cirque Suite exposes you to the circus environment surrounded by huggable tiger stuffed toys, game wheels, and a dance pole in the middle of the room surrounded by the drawn images of the many misfits of the circus.

The luxurious ambiance really does help to set the mood, and though these themed rooms are highly preferred as well by their adult clients opting to entice their partners for a romantic and "steamy" overnight experience, Victoria Court could also be an ideal setting to a wider spectrum of clients.

They have like a Persian or Arabian Nights-inspired suite that also has a flying carpet in the middle of the room. It flies...errr...just shakes like simulating the feeling of flying. It also has a sauna room and two massage beds aside form the queen size bed. It also has a jacuzzi and the entertainment center can be twisted around in 360 so you can watch your favorite movies while anywhere within the room.



Ever wanted to see what it looks like in the Whitehouse? Well, Victoria Court has a suite that resembles he home of the President of the United States. Complete with the grand President's table and the seal, and its secret room where you can find a jacuzzi and bathroom. There are probably other secrets you can find except for the Monica Lewinsky - Oh, I forgot it's Barack Obama's presidency already...hehehe

The Moulin Rouge Suite is so elegant that you would want to live there forever. Aside from the comfy bed, it has an adorable swing that can fit two people plus a jacuzzi, a mini bar and a little smoking room.

The suite patterned after the glamorous Venice, Italy has an entrance like made of old school bricks from that particular century when structures where historically looking, a  gondola that you can climb aboard, lots of female statues, Michaelangelo's painting of The Creation of Man.

You will definitely fall in love with Victoria Court themed suites and party rooms. Why not give it a chance and experience the awesome opportunity to live out a fantasy or adventure in one of their rooms. Life is just too short to limit yourselves to the usual and common. Go beyond the ordinary. Visit Victoria Court now!

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