Thursday, April 16, 2020

Gartner Master Data Management

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As you see that the going Corona Virus crisis affects each individual and businesses all over the world. It doesn't stop me from doing business anywhere. 

As long as I have internet, I think nobody can stop everybody from being effective. Its a lockdown here in Manila with more than 4000 cases as of today. 16 of April, with more than 300 deaths in the country. 

We are right now statistically no 1&2 country in Asia with the number of cases reported. Which is the worst, like the US and Italy in which we cannot be proud of.

But anyways, working remotely in a hotel here in the Central Business district of Makati City, Philippines. Analyzing the data and news can be very tough. So how can businesses take advantage of every situation as the top loser or winner of this worst health disaster.

Anyways, reading various business reports of Profisee Data Governance  Management as mention by Slobodan R. In the comment above is very useful. What I mean is that data and analytics nowadays is very relevant. For instance this Covid19 crisis. 

For sure this will paralyze the entire Tourism and Travel industry. But not for Pharma or drug even mask industry. We can make a spike even in start up company. Mostly for the vaccine that can be doubled a dozen times. The food logistics in the City is the essentials amid of this crisis.

Master Data Services MDS is a microsoft solution for definite mastering of data. Database admins encounters a highly problematic challenges. As MDM guide and explains the solutions functionality in the organization. 

So what about the MDS or Master Data Management? It is the management of non transactional data within the organization.  Like the list of your products, services and employees. Which varies in every organization.

Most of businesses are into buying and selling of products and services.  MDM is all about managing the relationship between these transactions. The after transaction must be coded securely and properly.

For example a typical retail store has a certain products inventory. As well as database of registered customers. As what kind of Food or Clothes does John or Julia bought yesterday.

MDM is composed of business policies, process how the data is updated and tools that facilitate these processes. All companies must utilize this tool to implement and formalize the process. 

As far as new history, when companies uses technology like computer application to manage information. It made their task easier as it loads relevant data and results of dataset. So they could perform search or generate result as response to a quick data search or manage applications.

When data is loaded into application records will then sort or added into a masterlist. In the efforts of making it easier and cost effective to manage data.

ERP or the Enterprise Resource Planning systems were created. To help combined the data into the system. As this was designed to manage problematic domains of a larger organizations. 

Profisee is a Master Data solutions company that enables organizations grow your data that we live everyday. 

As customer is their number one priority, their technology understands complex and costly company data management. By delivering a high value innovative solution to its global costumers.

With a culture of work life balance, this virtual workforce company value high energy, integrity and trusted collaboration with different company's and partners.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

A Few Things to Do in Philippines On Your Next Trip

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Travelling in the face of the turmoil created by this global pandemic seems like a horrible idea. In fact, states are not even allowing their people to catch a domestic flight to some other state, let alone travelling to a different country. It is thus, impossible to even harbour a thought of an international travel. But, it is important to remember that this is a temporary state in the lives of human beings. This too shall pass, and we shall all be free to cross interstate boundaries and tick the places off our bucket lists once again. We need to have the hope that things shall work out in the end, because it indeed will. Therefore, once the wave of the COVID-19 passes over our heads, we must hit the road and take the trip that we have always wanted to. The place that we are going to be talking about today is the Philippines. There is quite a charm and exuberance associated with the name, and there are several things that you could do on your trip to this amazing Asian country. We have gathered all the ideas you need to spend a fantastic week in the Philippines so that you do not have to waste much time on your itinerary when you finally get the chance to book your tickets.

Visit the Hinatuan Enchanted River:

There is something in the name that spells all the magic you need. If it is enchanted, you must visit the place. The reason why this river is known as the enchanted river is because the water source is mysterious and no one really knows how there was a river in the first place. It appears like magic, springing up from nowhere, and the water is crystal clear and soothing blue. The sight of the river is enchanting and alleviating, and thus, makes for a brilliant sight-seeing spot in the country.

Indulge in Some Entertainment:

Entertainment houses in the country are in huge numbers. Call it the cinemas or casinos, you can go anywhere once you see that you have quite some time on your hands after hitting one tourist spot to the other in the country. Do not waste any minute while you are on foreign waters because that would be such a killjoy to your vacation mood. See if you could spot a casino near to you’re the place you are put up and make some money out of the fun affairs. It does not harm to earn some extra cash while you are on your vacation. And if you do not feel like going out, you could even sign up to one of the real money gambling sites for US players from your hotel room itself and spend some time.

Taste the Soul Enriching Flavours of Philippines:

The cuisine of a country makes for an integral part of the culture of the country. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you visit the restaurants and other food shacks that can serve you the real flavours of the country. Make a list of all the restaurants that you would want to visit once you are in the country. Also, do not settle for the same old classics while you are on your trip. Those are cuisines that you can resort to even when you are back home. Try something new, something that you would not be able to taste in all its glory back at home. That is what is going to make your trip wholesome and fulfilling.

Try the Mountain Maid Ube Jam:

The Mountain Maid brand of jams is the best that you can, and you must get your hands on once you reach the Philippines. There is a rich history behind the inception and the evolution of the jam. Children began living on the Good Shepherd grounds in 1952, and the nuns there had to struggle to find the means to feed these children. They started making jams and served them to the children with seasonal fruits. This quickly assumed the shape of an industry and the Mountain Maid brand became one of the best-known brands of jams in the country.


There are several things that you can find yourself doing once you are in the country. Do your research way ahead of time and plan your itinerary in a way that shall leave you with enough time to hit all the places that you have on the list. Planning the vacation is extremely important, and you must not settle for a package deal offered by tourism agencies. Customise your own trip and bring back the best memories.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Design Best Invitations Online Using An Invitation Maker Tool

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The planet, as all recognize it, has been a multicultural community. The vast wide stretches wreaked havoc in such a way that everything and everyone was only a single mention and a great laugh away. 
As other modes of contact (emails, social networking sites, greeting cards, etc.), invites have taken a plunge into the e-age. An e-card is an application card that is somewhat close to that of a traditional paper invitation, which is delivered by Email, Whatsapp, or some other medium on the World wide web.
Once you have got your invites, your special day will continue to feel better than ever before. Today, you're going to be able to mail them out for the same day they land at your house. 
However, there are a couple of items you're going to have to do before. From fact-checking to planning your shipping, here are the few things that you certainly can not miss for creating an event invitation card.

What Defines Invitations

An invitation is a written or oral submission rendered in elegant ways utilizing specific kinds of characters, colors, symbols, etc. on a sheet of paper. The object of an invitation is to invite somebody to a particular event. Because of the messages written on it, we go to an occasion or do something (as part of the event invitation).
Invitations are also usable for a traditional gathering or celebration, including a reception, an informal baby shower, or anything specific. All these activities allow you to bring friends accurately by providing them with an invitation card which must be specially made.

Build The Digital Invitation Yourself To Share Your Tale

Who doesn't want to send an invitation? You can save time using online production tools and get a qualified event invitation in moments. 
Dig into the catalog of the digital products and models you want to try out differently to build your personalized invitation card. For, e.g., If you and your family are setting up a wedding invitation, then ask simple questions and design according to the answers. 
Are you two from two separate states? Why don't you share your story with an advertisement styled like a promotional movie poster? This type of invitation can be significant in terms of a pinch of modern approach in a traditional event like a wedding.

Share Your Heart For The Creation Of An Invitation Card

Invitation cards express that you celebrate something extraordinary in your life that is important in your life. Ceremonies become much more relevant as your relatives become accompanied by your family and associates. 
You will have a lovely invitation card for any opportunity to let people realize that they are close to your heart, and you call for some of their support and encouragement. An invitation such that it includes your festivities, your happiness, and that conveys the party in the best way imaginable, is a minimum requirement.

Add A Delicate Touch To The Event And The Invitation That You Are Planning

The best aspect of utilizing invites is how they function to express the general mood of the gathering. It's building joy and satisfaction.
So, if you're having a Halloween bash, you should invite guests to make imaginative use of the surreal vibes of decorations. That's why the invitation card has to be similarly lavish. In the same way, the application offers you an opportunity to demonstrate your imagination and to add a personal feel to your post. 
Although the invitations builder is an easy-to-use application for creating such cards with no formal experience of graphic design, you do need to find some valuable tips for making a beautiful invite.


Choose the style that fits the theme of your case.


Make sure the copy of the invitation is beautiful. Choose an elegant font from millions of variants that the application has.


Stop utilizing so many colors because they may not look fantastic.

Use It For Spreading The Harmony In Your Community

It also helps to establish and develop connections inside the organization, the society, or even beyond the group. Creating successful work partnerships is essential to the advancement of a profession. 
Relationships may have a beneficial or detrimental effect on your work satisfaction, the desire to succeed and receive appreciation for your accomplishments. It's going to build peace and cohesion in your personal and professional side.
Below are the few resources that will help you create a decent invitation card.


Work collaboratively with members of the family and dig a little deeper to discover some of the latest pictures and videos. For a wedding invitation, start finding new teenage images of the wedding couple. 
Using old photos will hit the right notes with your visitors and let them experience the comfort of your passion. Let this state of an art video editing tool support you exchange love and details with exclusive invitations to your family and friends.
Use the given link for more on this


Evite is one of the most popular websites that have consistently submitted greater than one billion invitations. It's easily accessible to build application forms. It also bears the RSVP monitoring functionality comfortably.


Canva allows you to create your card in the most beautiful way or manner possible. It is one of the cheapest tools to create an online invitation and you get a lot of online discount codes as well.  
You can customize the cards from the million collections of photos or including your own for whatever reason you choose. It has easy steps to create a card that just requires several more minutes to build a perfect invitation.

Using Invitations To Build Beautiful Memories For Your Loved Ones

The human brain is beneficial to make us recall things, so that certainly has tremendous advantages. Memories direct us and allow us to work. That goes without saying. 
Everything is excellent or evil by itself, of course. It's how we're doing it, using it, staring at it, which counts. A person with good memories seems to be a happier individual than someone who is not. It creates bonds and long-term partnerships, both socially and professionally
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