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Leave a Legacy Behind: This Life is Just Too Short to Waste

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The imperfect me do not need to live according to the expectations of others. The definition of success varies from person to person because we are all individually unique. Some of us find real satisfaction from even the trivial things in life.

It's the imperfection that makes life perfect.
As long as we are happy and contented amidst some shortcomings and challenges, we have lived a full life.

We wouldn't be as successful if it were not for our mistakes. They were lessons which taught us to improve ourselves and not always listen to what others would say. Do not care for what people perceive for the real meaning and purpose of life lies deep within.

Our imperfections made us unique and real, and has given us the opportunity to change for the better.

We are forever grateful for all the experiences. Life continues to be perfect for our family as we share the blessings of our successes and heartaches of our imperfections.

However, just like in traveling, it is not the destination that is entirely important but the journey we went through before reaching it. We may have seen the entire world, swam on all the beaches, climbed all the mountains, took selfies at all scenic spots, filled our social media accounts with pictures from all our trips, but what have we done to be remembered by the people that matters most. Have we even touched a single life outside our family, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances and circle of friends? Or are we also seemingly strangers to these people?

Life is too short to waste, so leave a memorable and significant legacy behind while we still can.

They say if you want to be remembered either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing about. Let the people share the stories you made or the stories about you. From there you would become immortalized and forever be a part of history.

How about you? How do you want to be remembered?

DOTr Procures Spare Parts, Independent Audit and Assessment (IAA) Consultant for MRT-3

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In its commitment to progressively address the issues beleaguering the Metro Rail Transit Line 3 (MRT-3), the Department of Transportation MRT-3 (DOTr MRT-3) team recently completed the procurement of the first batch of various spare parts required for the system’s maintenance.

Among those already procured by DOTr MRT-3 through its Maintenance Transition Period Bids and Awards Committee (MTP BAC) over the last seven weeks are spare parts for rolling stock, worth about PhP8.66 million and spare parts for tracks amounting to PhP7.33 million.

The rolling stock spare parts contract had an Approved Budget for Contract (ABC) of PhP8.89 million and was won by Linkers Enterprises, while the spare parts for tracks had an ABC of PhP7.97 million and was won by Nikka Trading.

Notably, the contract for the Independent Audit and Assessment (IAA) Consultant of the entire MRT-3 system was also awarded to TUV Rheinland for PhP45.31 million. The contract had an ABC of PhP48 million, and offers from TUV SUD and Bureau Veritas were also received.

The IAA will cover all sub-components of MRT-3, including its signaling system, tracks, and rolling stock. Both the current fleet of 73 Czech-made trains and the unaccepted 48 China-made trains will be covered by the IAA.

The IAA Consultant will make specific and actionable recommendations to address identified issues.

To ensure quality and independence, the MRT-3 MTP BAC required all bidders for the IAA Consultancy to be ISO 17020:2012 and ISO 17065:2012 certified firms, and further required membership in the International Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA).

Other contracts for trunk radio communications (P924,000), spare parts for power (P6.44 million), pantograph strips (P7.88 million), spare parts for overhead catenary system (P2.8 million), and various bearings (P1.98 million) were also awarded to various bidders.

Assistant Secretary for Railways TJ Batan said the DOTr MRT-3 MTP BAC adjourned its 16th and last meeting for 2017 early Friday morning. The MTP BAC was created last November 9.

“The DOTr MRT-3 MTP BAC would sometimes start as early as 6 AM, and on some days end as late as 12 MN, to ensure that the spare parts needed by our Maintenance Transition Team (MTT) are procured at the soonest possible time,” Batan said.

The MRT-3 MTP BAC was created by DOTr after terminating its maintenance service contract with Busan Universal Rail Inc. (BURI) last November 6 due to poor performance and breach of contractual obligations.

“Deliveries of some spare parts have commenced, and will continue over the next 30 - 90 days. We got the commitment of all suppliers to exert best efforts to deliver earlier than the prescribed contractual lead times, and our MRT-3 team will focus on realizing this,” he said.

With instruction and guidance from Secretary Arthur Tugade, Asec. Batan said the DOTr will continue procuring next year signaling spare parts and general overhaul services, among others.

“I believe the entire MRT-3 organization and our DOTr Central Office representatives have truly stepped up and delivered on our service commitment to the public,” Asec. Batan said.

The purchase of spare parts for the MRT-3’s Maintenance Transition Team (MTT) is Part 2 of DOTr’s 4-Part Strategy for fixing MRT-3:

Part 1: Promoting accountability with the termination of BURI

Part 2: Ensuring continued service delivery by establishing the MTT and purchasing needed spare parts

Part 3: Contracting a rehabilitation and maintenance service provider together with an Official Development Assistance partner

Part 4: Putting in place a long-term, single-point-of-responsibility, operator and maintenance provider for MRT-3

Thank 2017 for the Blessings and Welcome 2018 with Enthusiasm

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Today is the LAST DAY of the year. Let's leave this year with hopes that 2018 will be BETTER for all of us. Being positive and looking forward to always having the gift of family, friends and love ones.

It was a year we will always remember for reasons of our own. Give thanks to 2017 and welcome 2018 with a braver heart, even if the past year has broke you, has failed you, has done the worst to you, or has done damage to any of your relationships with anyone, you should thank it for all the lessons it has given you.

Every moment of life, more specifically the future, holds surprises. If you have a positive attitude, you shall make most of them pleasant and beautiful. Enjoy life with meaningful developments throughout the course of it.

Make sure to welcome 2018 with only those you hold dearest. There's nothing more meaningful and happier than being at peace with yourselves and the people who only matter in your lives. Let's embrace 2018 with no room for mediocrity and crap.

We're closing out 2017 and we're ready to ring in 2018! Next year will be a year of hard work and sweeping change. Help us close out 2017 strong. But we are all hoping to be blessed beyond your expectations in 2018! We're actually claiming it already! 2018 will be another great year for us!

Best to all of you in 2018. Roof over our heads, food in our mouths and smiles on our faces. All that matters. Live well.

Thank you for your support and Happy New Year to you!
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