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39th Metro Manila Film Festival: Star-Studded But Too Commercialized?

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"What's clear is that the entire film was rushed through production. It's also pretty obvious that people were less concerned about telling a story than selling products. The film regularly stops everything for blatant product placement. Aiza Seguerra shills for Ariel detergent. Bimby Aquino eats a whole plate of Lucky Me Pancit Canton. Vic Sotto teaches us the difference between two kinds of Solmux available in the market. The story starts feeling like an afterthought, its emotional core lost in a wave of vulgar commercialism." - PULPOLitika
Do you agree?

When Vice Ganda was asked if he (or she) preferred a blockbuster hit or a multi-awarded film, the comedian answered "blockbuster".

Isn't it apparent?

No wonder that an action film that chronicles a senator's hours on the run nabbed 14 trophies including the Best Picture award at the 39th Metro Manila Film Festival. "Wala man sa amin ang salapi, na sa amin ang karangalan,"  says actor Robin Padilla.

Why Do We Drink Cow’s Milk: Breastfeeding for Babies

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Most formulas on the market today are manufactured from cow’s milk. Formula companies have produced milk for babies that seem to resemble the real thing. Formula is definitely better than it used to be, but what the factories make doesn't quite measure up to what mom makes. It is nearly impossible for artificial baby milk manufacturers to make milk with nutrients even close to what mothers' bodies can make.

The major concern is that even though formula-fed infants appear to grow normally, are they really thriving? Thriving means more than just getting bigger. It means developing to the child's fullest physical, emotional, and intellectual potential. We just don't know about all the long-term effects of tampering with Mother Nature – though we do know that there are significant health differences between formula-fed and breastfed infants. You may see on which formula is ideal for your baby.

Human milk is a live substance containing live white blood cells and immune-fighting substances, and is a dynamic, changing nutritional source, which daily (sometimes hourly) adjusts to meet the individual needs of a growing baby. Formulas are nothing more than a collection of dead nutrients. They do not contain living white cells, digestive enzymes, or immune factors. Breast milk changes as the baby grows. Formula stays the same. Breast milk is specially formulated to meet the needs of a child as they change.

Singapore Airlines Surprises its Passengers with a Special Mini-Concert Treat

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Flash mobs are nothing new but the surprise and amazement that it brings to the crowd who are there to witness still remains an amazing sight. It's always pleasing to see people grouped together and setting a happy mood for others.

I was invited to experience a surprise mini-concert intended as a Christmas surprise gift to the passenger awaiting departure of Singapore Airlines (SIA) last December 23, 2013 at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1. At approximately 4:00 in the afternoon, a special Christmas dance performance was presented to the passengers waiting for their flight.

The SIA staff came in from all directions and performed live in front of all the passengers who were all in awe  because of the surprise treat. From two voices singing a popular Christmas tune, then growing to a larger group all giving their best performances, both local and foreign passengers witnessed how the SIA staff danced and sang for several minutes all for the purpose of bringing smiles to their most important guests - their beloved passengers.

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