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Wazzup Pilipinas throughout the years

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Wazzup Pilipinas is a popular online news and lifestyle portal that covers a wide range of topics related to the Philippines. The website provides up-to-date information on current events, entertainment, sports, travel, food, and culture. It has become a go-to source for Filipinos looking to stay informed and engaged with what is happening in the country.

The website was launched in 2008 by a group of bloggers who were passionate about sharing their insights and opinions on various topics. Since then, it has grown into one of the most popular online portals in the Philippines, with a team of dedicated writers, editors, and contributors who work tirelessly to produce engaging and informative content.

One of the key strengths of Wazzup Pilipinas is its commitment to providing accurate and reliable news and information. The website has a strict policy of fact-checking all of its content before publication, ensuring that readers can trust the information they are receiving. This dedication to accuracy has helped to establish Wazzup Pilipinas as a trusted source of news and information in the Philippines.

In addition to its news coverage, Wazzup Pilipinas also offers a wide range of lifestyle content. The website has dedicated sections for entertainment, travel, food, and culture, providing readers with a diverse range of content to explore. This breadth of coverage has helped to make Wazzup Pilipinas a one-stop-shop for Filipinos looking to stay informed and entertained.

One of the most popular features of Wazzup Pilipinas is its events coverage. The website provides comprehensive coverage of major events in the Philippines, including concerts, festivals, and sporting events. This coverage includes in-depth reviews, photo galleries, and interviews with key figures, providing readers with a unique perspective on the country's cultural and entertainment scene.

Another strength of Wazzup Pilipinas is its engagement with its readers. The website encourages readers to share their opinions and insights through comments and social media, creating a vibrant and engaged community. This community has helped to make Wazzup Pilipinas one of the most dynamic and interactive online portals in the Philippines.

Wazzup Pilipinas is a valuable resource for Filipinos looking to stay informed and engaged with what is happening in the country. With its commitment to accuracy, breadth of coverage, and engagement with its readers, it has established itself as a trusted and respected source of news and information in the Philippines.

Wazzup Pilipinas has covered and promoted a wide range of events and activities across various fields. While the website has not necessarily organized events themselves, they have actively participated in the promotion and coverage of events. Here are some examples of the events and activities that Wazzup Pilipinas has covered and promoted over the years:

Concerts and music festivals: Wazzup Pilipinas has covered and promoted various music festivals and concerts across the country, such as the Wanderland Music and Arts Festival, the Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival, and the Rakrakan Festival.

Film festivals and premieres: The website has covered and promoted several film festivals and premieres, including the Metro Manila Film Festival, the Cinema One Originals Film Festival, and the Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival.

Sports events: Wazzup Pilipinas has covered and promoted various sports events in the country, including the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association), UAAP (University Athletic Association of the Philippines), and the Philippine Super Liga.

Cultural events: The website has covered and promoted several cultural events in the Philippines, such as the Sinulog Festival, the Kadayawan Festival, and the Pahiyas Festival.

Food and beverage events: Wazzup Pilipinas has covered and promoted various food and beverage events across the country, such as the Manila Food and Wine Festival, the Madrid Fusion Manila, and the World Street Food Congress.

Charity events: The website has also covered and promoted several charity events and initiatives, such as the Bantay Bata telethon, the Operation Smile medical mission, and the Caritas Manila Youth Servant Leadership and Education Program.

Wazzup Pilipinas has actively participated in the promotion and coverage of various events across different fields, showcasing the website's commitment to providing a diverse and comprehensive range of news and lifestyle content to its readers.

Aside from their travel and tourism campaigns like the continuously ongoing Influencers Tours (of cities and municipalities) where they highlight the many tourist attractions of the country, the Influencers Feasts, featuring the many foodie finds like restaurants and other food providers, it is also among their advocacy to help reshape the dominating online content, especially on social media that is sadly littered with rude and irritating pranks, scandals, controversies, and adult or sexually-oriented content negatively serving as inferior form of entertainment with less significant learning opportunities damaging our minds especially of the youth, thus they also organized the Umalohokan Influencers and Content Creators Workshops where they have the common goal to elevate and professionalize the Content Creation industry primarily because they believe it is rightful that they help motivate and encourage fellow content creators to come out with better, and morally, ethically and legally-aligned content that are truly inspiring and worth emulating but equally rewarding as well.

As one of the DOT slogan says "Rethinking Tourism" for travel, it is also highly necessary to rethink in creating worthwhile content so influencers could help our country rise up projecting a better and improved image of Filipino content creators since it has always been the Filipino people that truly gives the ultimate reason why It's More Fun in the Philippines.

Founder ROSS FLORES DEL ROSARIO started Wazzup Pilipinas as a blog but it has evolved into more than just an online magazine that doesn't only shares news and stories about the Philippines but since he has also been invited to collaborate or partner with brands originating from other countries, he also publishes articles about foreign travel recommendations, events, and the many happenings that goes on at other countries.

Aside from promoting Philippine attractions, Ross has been dubbed as the Philippines' Pambansang Blogger for proudly advocating many Filipino work and creations, by also partnering with government agencies including national and local government units, Medium, Small and Micro Entrepreneurs (MSMEs), as well as smaller businesses, especially those who were affected by the pandemic to help them bounce back from the challenging years we all experienced. He has also been actively supporting events and projects of NGOs, and even involved in doing outreaches and similar programs for local communities. He would never decline requests for partnership with the youth because he believes that the youth deserve all the help they could get to eventually become more productive and responsible professionals and leaders of our nation, thus Wazzup Pilipinas is a frequent media partner of the many organizations of colleges and universities and other youth-led movements.

Ross is not a newbie when it comes to TV and radio guestings as he has appeared as guest on many shows including GMA 7's Ang Pinaka where he rated the top festivals in the Philippines, and then again for the second time when he was asked to rate the most viral or trending topics on social media. He also appeared on ABS-CBN's Rated K where he gave possible food trends for the coming year, and was also invited to guest on ABS-CBN's Magandang Buhay to talk about his Plantito passion advocating growing our own food through urban vegetable gardens that blossomed during the pandemic. Ross also appeared on other TV and radio shows including UNTV's Good Morning Kuya to discuss about "Fake News", Bread N' Butter featuring restaurants, and other attractions, and was also featured on Inquirer TV to talk about the popularity of social media, interviewed on PTV4 News about an event they organized, among many others. He was also a regular guests at notable teleradio shows including being a co-host at Vigattin Radio of Radyo Inquirer, had their own teleradio show on 8Trimedia where Wazzup Pilipinas TV aired with him as the main host, and continously guesting on other shows of many radio stations like DWBL, DZME, DWDD, and many others including online shows that flourished especially during the pandemic when social interaction or gathering was discouraged... and then lately on Pa-Talk of DZAR/SMNI, and Pilipinas Ngayon Na of DWIZ who eventually partnered with him. He also had a foray into the movies, playing the role of one of the godfathers of Ella Cruz's character in the movie "Martyr or Murderer" where he also had an interaction with the character of Christine Reyes playing the younger Senator Imee Marcos...and has also been given a minor role at a new upcoming TV Series called Tropa Peeps where he will play as a City Councilor and father of one of the lead teenagers.

Wazzup Pilipinas is celebrating their 10th year as an online presence and has been recognized for many achievements including getting Hall of Famer recognition when it comes to awards, receiving consecutive awards several times from many prestigious award-giving bodies. More accolades are definitely coming that we will soon won't have enough room to put them all in one magazine. Kudos to Mr. Ross Del Rosario, the Founder of Wazzup Pilipinas!"

If Wazzup Pilipinas continues to evolve with the changing landscape of digital media, it has the potential to remain a popular online news and lifestyle portal in the Philippines. The website's commitment to providing accurate and reliable news and information, along with its engagement with its readers, has helped it establish a loyal following over the years. As digital media continues to grow and evolve, Wazzup Pilipinas can adapt to these changes to stay relevant and continue to provide high-quality content to its readers.

In the next 10 years, Wazzup Pilipinas may also explore new ways of delivering content and engaging with its audience. For example, the website may invest in new technologies such as virtual and augmented reality to provide an immersive and interactive experience for its readers. It may also expand its coverage to include emerging topics such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cryptocurrency, reflecting the growing interest in these fields among Filipinos.

Overall, while it is difficult to predict the exact developments of Wazzup Pilipinas over the next 10 years, it has the potential to continue to be a valuable resource for Filipinos looking to stay informed and engaged with what is happening in the country. As long as the website remains committed to providing accurate and reliable news and information, along with engaging with its audience, it can continue to thrive in the fast-paced world of digital media.

About "" is the fastest growing and most awarded blog and social media community that has transcended beyond online media. It has successfully collaborated with all forms of media namely print, radio and television making it the most diverse multimedia organization. The numerous collaborations with hundreds of brands and organizations as online media partner and brand ambassador makes a truly successful advocate of everything about the Philippines, and even more since its support extends further to even international organizations including startups and SMEs that have made our country their second home.

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