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Bongbong Marcos favors ABS-CBN's Boy Abunda over GMA's Jessica Soho?

Wazzup Pilipinas!?


Boy Abunda makes his TV comeback and goes face-to-face with five of the country's presidential aspirants to pick their minds in "The 2022 Presidential One-On-One Interviews with Boy Abunda," from January 24 to 28 on The Boy Abunda Talk Channel and Kapamilya Channel. 

After making waves because of BBM's refusal to join the interview by GMA's Jessica Soho, he now agrees to be interviewed by Boy Abunda from ABS-CBN!

Duterte Playbook is at PLAY!

Bongbong Marcos is preferring softball interviewers like Toni Gonzaga and Boy Abunda over experienced journalists like Jessica Soho. 

At this rate, maybe Lolit Solis and Cristy Fermin should invite him next. Pagkatapos kay Vice Ganda naman. Lol!

I can't help thinking about how the anti-ABS-CBN would take this? Their candidate decided to partake in a meeting with an organization that they hate in view of being "biased". 

Jessica Soho must be so offended that BBM declined her interview on the grounds of being biased while he granted one with Boy Abunda.

GMA is taking the hit for this, ratings-wise. I wonder what they’ll do now WITHOUT the presidential frontrunner participating in their programs?

I have nothing against Boy Abunda but he is a Talk Show host especially for celebrities. 

Jessica Soho already put her name in the world of journalism. Journalism is distribution of reports of facts

Filipinos should know what should they really look into for factual details.

Jessica Soho is a Peabody award-winning Journalist and the country’s Most Awarded News Presenter. Marcos Jr, the questions are tough because the job of the presidency is tough. This is not Toni Talks or Tonight with Boy Abunda interviews.

But definitely,  if I am a politician who is afraid of tough questions that will digged controversies, I will just go with the talk show host rather than a journalist who made me stutter.

However, Boy Abunda used to have a late Saturday night tv program where he used to interview different personalities including politicians on a wide range of issues. He's not just a showbiz talk show host after all.

Boy Abunda will also make a good job interviewing the presidentiables. He does his research, he is critical and he is bold even in digging unchartered truths. There I said it. Not comparing, but he has his own laurels. 

And there is nothing wrong if the journalist will ask questions about politicians controversies because it is also a way for you to explain your side based on your own facts. 

If BBM has issues then he should not be afraid to answer it to clear his name.

Though Jessica Soho is one of the country's most awarded journalist oozing with much credibility. It could have been an avenue for him to elaborate and clear his platforms and issues hounding his campaign. The weird thing is that Narcos Jr instead accepted to be interviewed by Boy Abunda.

Boy Abunda: BBM, my question to you is: when is it okay not to be okay and when is it not okay to be not okay?

Not dismissing Abunda's interviewing skills but Soho is far more superior than him. Plus the Abunda Interview will be shown on Boy's Youtube Channel and Kapamilya Channel which have limited audience. 

They agreed on being interviewed by Boy Abunda for ABS-CBN because obviously they have limited reach since they shutdown the network. It minimizes any fact checking that the public can consume since GMA has now the largest coverage especially those who doesn’t have internet.

Some may say, "Aattend naman siya sa interview ni Boy Abunda".

Even if we disregard the fact that Boy Abunda will likely be less aggressive, we need to acknowledge that his interview will only be shown online and on the Pay TV Kapamilya Channel (According to the YouTube description).

Remember how ABS-CBN's free-to-air license was not renewed?

Hindi lahat ng Pilipino may pang internet, let alone pangbayad para sa Kapamilya Channel (Again, hindi ito free-to-air). Paano sila?

But if Boy Abunda does not bring up the issue on ABS-CBN's franchise in this case, we're not buying it.

Interesting times here. BBM favors ABS CBN's Boy Abunda over GMA's Jessica Soho for the interview.   

People are rushing judgments already based on what they can see on the surface.

Boy Abunda and Jessica Soho…both are good interviewers. but for national agenda/topic, mas ok si Jessica. Sana yung kay Boy Abunda eh straight to the point questioning and avoid rhetoricals and “fast talks” questions.

This will make or break Boy Abunda's image.

I hope the Presidential interview with Boy Abunda will be fair. Kung gisahan ang style, gisahin lahat ng nakasalang. Also, please include Ka Leody as one of the interviewee. I hope it will be aired LIVE and not a prerecorded one.

I just can’t get the idea of Boy Abunda asking Marcos “sex or chocolates”  

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