Tuesday, April 13, 2021

#TanginaMoRoque trends for "UnChristian" remark

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

A simple valid question deserves a simple answer. Deflecting the question to hide the ugly truth by insulting the interviewer is downright unprofessional. 

There goes Roque’s mouth again running ahead of his brain. He has got to be one of the worst spokesperson in modern history.

Roque says it's an un-Christian question to ask why he got a bed at PGH for treatment of COVID19.

Does he think it is Christian for him to jump the line over many others, who need beds/rooms more than he does?

Does he think it is Christian to work for the Devil himself? Un-Christian mo mukha mo eh ikaw nga sinangla mo na kaluluwa mo sa demonyo.

Many were rejected by several hospitals, died at home tapos itong taong to naadmit agad kasi "VIP" 

Kami pa un-Christian kasi kinuwestyon namin yon? 

This is sure doesn't look like a face of a "christian".

More like a face of an shameless opportunist. 

I hate how he claims na he's a Christian but acts nothing like one. Nanlalamang ka sa mga tao = Christian??? Napaka-defensive at tonta pa ng pagkakasabi. Like, how is it even unchristian if an individual is just asking questions kasi gusto lang din naman nilang gumaling?

And I will also question that if ever that happens. I'm pro-PH not pro- whatever party. Dapat makabayan tayo di makapolitiko.

Basta po walanghiyang tao,malayu ang isasagot kasi di nya masabi ang totoo.simple lang ng tanung,"How?".

Sorry that many died while privileged Roque gets to be admitted. Sasabihin nilang makatao sila pero sila rin naman pala ang nang-iiwan sa ere.

Basta gipit at naiipit, gamit agad sila ng mga ganung hirit. Juicemio! The hypocrisy! Bakit, tama ba ang ginawa mong ginamit mo posisyon mo to skip the line? Yawa ka! Baga kag tambok sa nawng!

Ginamit pa talaga yung "unchristian". E yung pagsuporta niya sa Poong Dutae niya sa EJK? Hindi ba unchristian yun?

The way he carries his weight around is proportionate to his ego. He doesn’t seem to like the people. He thinks so low of us that he makes us look and feel stupid to even question his moves.

Ang pagkakaroon mo ng room sa PGH, Mr Roque ... kahit na marami ang nakapila... ang the most UNCHRISTIAN.

Skipping the line while there were thousands of people dying, waiting for them to get a bed in the hospital. That's much more un-Christian. that's what a privileged person can do noh?

It is morally wrong at unethical pa of a public servant.

I guess it's pointless to argue with people who will not take accountability. He might as well say #ThankYouNextSeeYouIn2022

Being Christian usually is on the giving end, and rarely at the receiving end..

Proud kaya magulang niya sa mga pinaggagawa niya?

A true God-loving is selfless. He's not even Christian on how he walls the rights of ordinary people. More important point is he did not answer the question at all.

Resign, Roque.

Please make #TanginaMoRoque trend. We need to let Roque know how much we loathe his moral hypocrisy.

Tayo pa raw ang hindi Kristiyano, eh, siya nga itong nagtatrabaho para sa Demonyo.


Unchristian to you because you cannot dismiss that question with a credible reason. Unchristian to you because your immature thinking capacity is unable to comprehend your failure as a presidential spokesperson. 

Unchristian?? Jokes on you Roque as if you believe in God. You literaly act like Duterte is your fucking God that you forgot that you're a human rights lawyer when that mf pardoned a murderer. You piece of shit. 

Calling us unchristian of all things... just because we were questioning your abuse of power and privilege. Roque, you must be going through a moral dilemma. You act as if you don't work for Satan's incarnate himself. Hay naku, pumanaw ka na uyy.

The audacity of this guy shet. Kapal ng skin jusko!!! 

I rarely wish ill of someone but he's an exception. 

Iyak sa "unchristian question" pero full support sa "unchristian decision towards violation of human rights thru EJK" 

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