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What Happens If I Buy a Car with Outstanding Finance Owing?

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Car financing deals provide financial products through which buyers can purchase a new car through a finance company. Most of the people prefer to purchase the car with outstanding finance deals. This means that the person using the car will not owe the car until the loan is paid.

Around 85 percent of the new cars and 50 percent of the used cars are involved in financing deals. Buying a new or used car needs a huge investment. Therefore, most of the people prefer to purchase the car through car financing deals. This process is limited to the time frame of around 2 to 5 years, depending upon your preferences.

The buyer has to sign a Hire purchase agreement to process the car finance option which involves the process of monthly payments after depositing a specific amount demanded by the finance company.

But, if you purchase a car involved in some outstanding finances, then you might get yourself in big trouble. Therefore, it is important to run a rev check first, which will provide you the information about the vehicle's outstanding finances before purchasing it.

Most of the car financing deals don’t allow you to sell the car until the loan is paid. Despite this fact, many people sell their cars with outstanding finances, which is illegal. Well, if this happens, these things must be done:
Result of buying a car with an outstanding finance

If a person has bought the car without having any idea of its outstanding finances, then the person has the right to keep it. Though, the finance company will still contact the owner to pay the outstanding finances.

It will show a positive attitude if you respond to the communication that you receive through the finance company. Saving every document that you have received or responded will prove out to be beneficial for your assistance.

You must hold the details of the person from whom you have bought the car along with the transaction receipt. These details are essential in this case to prove you right.

In addition to this, you must contact the business or an individual that has sold you the car with outstanding finances. You must remain cool and polite with them to sort out the situation. However, it will be difficult to track them as they already know that they have committed a crime.
What will happen if it doesn’t work?

There is a probability that the finance company will not accept your explanation and will demand the remaining payments. If you fail to do so, they have the right to take your car. Clear explanations and better communication will leave you out in the favorable condition.

Even if this fails to happen, you can contact the lawyer for taking legal action to claim your car or a return for your money.
What to do if you know the car has outstanding finance before buying it?

If you find that the car has remaining outstanding finances before purchasing it, avoid purchasing the car. If still you purchase that car and the finance company proves your fault, the company can rightfully claim the vehicle.

Even though the seller provides you with all proof and payments of the financed car, still buying such a car is avoided at any cost.

The car belongs to the company as long as the payment is not settled. If you become the owner of the car after purchasing it through the seller, you will inherit the debt that the finance company demands to get settled. In concern with this, if you have paid the money to the seller, then you can consult with the court to demand justice which will acquire investment to justify.

It is essential to have every evidence that you possess regarding the purchase of your used car involved in outstanding finances. These proves will make your case more reliable and clear.

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