Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Pacquiao says simple solution to flooding is to dredge rivers

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“It’s a no brainer. Kapag malalim ang ating mga ilog at mga estero, mas maiiwasan ng posibilidad na umagos ang tubig-baha papunta sa ating mga kabahayan,” Pacquiao said.

Yes, its part of the solution, together with reforestation, strict protection of forest from illegal logging, charcoal, mining, real state conversion. 

Reforestation is the primary solution. Kahit ilang dredging ang gawin mo if there are no forest cover, the mountains will erode and lumps of earth will cascade down rivers and become silted repeatedly. Therefore you being in the Senate must see to it that 50% of the budget of DENR should be dedicated to protection and rehabilitation of forest and watersheds. Not building synthetic white "Dolomite" sand beaches like that Manila Bay.

The rivers and other water ways are to be regularly dredged, and create a task force, a police-like organization exclusive to guard the rivers and esteros... and implement very strict rules and heavy penalty for all residences and establishments destroying, clogging, and polluting the water ways.

However, let's do the math and see if this is feasible or even practical. If we are to dredge the Cagayan Valley river (which is 505km long and about 150m wide on average) to increase depth by 10 more meters, that means removing a total of 757 million cubic meter of river material aggregates. Assuming the project is running in full swing and non-stop is able to remove 50k cubic meter of materials per day, it would take us 41 years to complete at total cost of around 151.5 billion. Yearly cost would be less than 1 percent of government annual revenue so it's certainly doable from cost perspective. However, removing 50k cm3 of materials a day from Cagayan Valley river would be almost logistically impossible. On the other hand, we probably don't have to dredge at that level as the total volume of water released by Magat dam that submerged Isabela and Cagayan was only around 400 million cm3 (around 6.5k cms) for 18hrs, so 5 meters deeper would cut it, but it would probably still take us 30 to 40 yrs to complete.

Pushing a simple logic of opinion cannot resolve the deep problems, the system, LGU's  and even national government might be the big sources of such mistakes. But contrary to that, the solution might be on their hand. Change the system, punish the greedy public officials who benifits the destruction of our mother natures and create a solid Laws to protect our mother land.

But see the fact that this senator could only offer just that. Simplistic solutions to complex problems are what this senator can offer. Kaya kailangan talaga matalino ang mga namumuno. Hinde puwede magandang kalooban lang. (Which I also doubt if he has). 

Perhaps the good senator can divert his pork barrel to build underground rivers? That would be a better idea.

Kaya next election yung nakakapag isip naman ang iboto natin. Mayaman naman yang si Pacquiao. Kung gusto talagang makatulong ay hindi na niya kailangan pang maging senador.

Let the ecological scientists and engineers make the study with full support and funding from the government.

Why not simply implement the existing laws concerning building of structures along the river banks, reforestation, etc? And more importantly,  assign DENR personnel who truly will protect the environment. 

The government should fix the drainage system problems. They should have a program to really trace kung saan na ang mga esteros na daluyan ng tubig at ibalik lahat yun as they are connected to the rivers and bays. Lahat ng clogged esteros and drainage should be repaired.

Also, to further emphasize, for the bigger problem the government should stop the illegal logging and to stop allowing businessmen to convert agricultural land to subdivisions. It is okay to develop the mountains as they can provide comfort and good for unwinding but most businesses are abusing as they destroy the mountains and forests but the government is not strictly regulating it. Ang dami pa ring nalakalusot.

We really need true , uncorruptible and armed forest rangers and  environmentalists who will safeguard our forest against evil politicians and greedy oligarchs.

Apart from the garbage, mud and silt from denuded mountains cause shallow rivers and other water pathways. Truly a no-brainer. Pero konting lalim pa ng pag iisip Manny. Go to the source of the problem - deforestation is caused by illegal logging, quarrying, and mining by irresponsible companies. 

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