Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Antique Jewelries are Well-loved Valuable Inheritance

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“Jewelry has this power to be the one little thing that makes you unique.”

We all love jewelry. Those shiny shimmering and splendid creations that could be worth more than our annual salary. It is without any doubt that if we have so much money to spare, or invest with, we will consider jewelries as among our choices aside from real estate, stocks and bonds, or the infamous bitcoins.

Now the value of jewelries grow exponentially if they've been around for several years. I'm talking about precious antiques that could be more valuable than your house and cars combined.

Antique jewelries of all kinds definitely emanate a haunting beauty that is dominantly set and ready to go to their new homes! Who could refuse a craftsmanship that has defied ages and continue to mesmerize us with its classy and intricate designs. 

The amazingly experienced jewelers of yesteryears had set carat cut diamonds in platinum, silver or gold mounts to complete the grandeur. Each and every piece is a stunner. Come check out all these treasures whenever you can or it could soon be the personal properties of eccentric and affluent collectors who appreciate art.

I'm sure most women will agree that it would be an honor to be able to wear one of the finest, most fabulous, and strikingly stunning antique jewelry masterpieces. We've had the privilege and pleasure to have seen such intricate, fancy and intense yellow European-cut marquise diamond (aka Moval, due to its rounded tips), weighing 2.12 carats, radiates between a pair of natural brown European-cut diamonds (purposely differentiated in color!) and from within an artfully styled frame set with bright-white sparklers. This was during an event held in Singapore, one of the countries I've visited outside the Philippines. If you want to see interesting pieces, you could also check out

But that was just it. Only seen but not worn. Only touched but not purchased. Maybe after a few more years working hard on multiple jobs before any ordinary middle-class employee could afford to buy expensive jewelry, what more if they're antiques. It will be forever a longing or desire to own even one.

An interesting item at this site is the Garnet and Pearl Star Pendant that is so awesome to look at especially when worn by an equally beautiful lady. 

As per website, this is a classically Edwardian pendant. A round cut garnet weighing 70 points has been set in 9ct yellow gold with a milgrain finish. Surrounding this central gemstone a four seed pearls which point outwards to a seed pearl and split seed pearl star. It is also among the moderately priced in their collection.

Incidentally, I remembered my grandmother's sister who used to keep valuable jewelries locked up in their ancestral home but she would let me take a peek everytime it was cleaning or maintenance time. That was every end of the month as among her routine task to keep her precious belongings properly stored.

She never really wore any of them regularly, even during special occasions. She only wears the less valuable and not really prominent ones. I don't really know why she was not flaunting them.

When she died due to old age, my aunts and uncles probably divided the jewelries among themselves since she never got married. I wonder if they had the jewelries checked for actual value. I miss her more than the jewelries since they were all for women anyway. 

On that note, antique jewelries are indeed a good inheritance gift since their value do increase throughout time. They are indeed good investments especially if you want to make sure your loved ones would get a comfortable lifestyle after they cash in the actual value of the jewelries.

Naturally, I envy those women who could really carry jewelries, antique or not, like they truly were made for them. The feeling of grandeur is just one of the emotions felt, what more if they'll be wearing a different set during every event they will attend. Many would be gawking at these women, not from envy and admiration since not all can afford such lavish accessories.

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