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Sounds smart, spits shits: Only Jam Magno

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“President Duterte created Davao City to be one of the safest cities in the country.” - Jam Magno

I'm not from Davao City but have been there several times, and I do agree that former Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte really was a very efficient Mayor there before. But a city is hugely DIFFERENT from a COUNTRY. What may be effective in a local set up may not be effective in a national scale. Take note of that.

It is good whatever he did in Davao City which was beneficial for his constituents.:  but the thing is, in the national scale it is not getting better... especially in handling the crisis, scandals and corruptions... plus he doesnt look fit or healthy anymore.

Though the massive gentrification in the city forced poor people to move. Bolton Extension is an example. The anti-poor urbanization even spread in Bolton Isla. But overall, Davaoenos were impressed of Duterte.

However, Jam Magno’s posting of parenting advice on TikTok is something we don’t need. We don't wanna hear shit from someone who says an activist mom and her dead baby got what they deserved.


Jam Magno is milking the attention for all its worth. I wouldn’t give her the attention or the TikTok views anymore. It’s not worth the tweet likes.

People applauding to Jam Magno's video are clown lovers. Might as well check on what's really happening. Accept the fact that this government has been incompetent. 

This is typical Marcos apologist logic and no English accent will make your fallacious statements any truer than they are fake.

I wont tell her to stop doing these TikTok videos but her English accent is as fake as her nationalism. 

True that she is being vilified for speaking a language she’s more comfortable using. While I hate what she stands for, I don’t agree with most people who attack her for speaking the language. Classic smart-shaming by most Filipinos. Though you have to remember that she is addressing Filipinos whose majority are not that fluent in English. If you want to reach out to Pinoys, humble down to their roots. Don't act and talk like an intimidating freak.

If we are going to talk about the recent Typhoon Ulysses tragedy, it's been hours since LGUs are trying to rescue people. They are doing their jobs. But would you mind telling us what the president while the tragedy was about to happen or ongoing? All he has done was doing aerial inspections with Bong Go, and a few gibberish as his post-tragedy presscons.

True that he was USELESS during typhoon ULYSSES.

Remember what Jam Magno said about Noynoy Aquino when he was president?

Jam Magno 2011: 

Jam Magno 2020: It's okay even if the leader is not present.

We all have the right to demand Duterte's presence especially during tragedies. Last time I look he was the president of the country. Unfortunately.

Sa kanila pala yung Tony and Lulu restaurant sa Butuan City? She should just focus on her restaurant challenge. She should stop serving cold salmon. It is a travesty.

Ignore what Jam Magno has to say and research on how the Mancaos, her family, migrated to Butuan. There is a very dark history behind that. Ask. Your. Elders.

“JAM” stands for ‘Jessica Ann Mancao’ Magno.

While Jam campaigns kindness ask your parents, what did the Mancaos do before they put up a grocery downtown? It’s impossible that anyone who’s alive/aware in the early 80s not to know what her ancestors did.

Is she related to Cesar and Maricar Mancao of Kuratong Baleleng case?  

Cesar Mancao was among those charged for the twin killings of Salvador “Bubby” Dacer and driver Emmanuel Corbito in November 2000....and look at how this guy is now part of the government as Cybercrime center chief.

Someone raised Jam Magno’s connection to Cezar Mancao in a comment and she got mad that she dedicated a post entirely for that.

Hahhaha. Nakakatawa. So connected nga sya kay Cezar Mancao (read: Kuratong Baleleng)

The audacity:

Unbothered queen makes a 6 paragprah essay claiming she’s unbothered.

Obviously bothered. She was probably shaking when she was typing that hahaha pathetic.

That's a lot of paragraphs of her being unbothered, no? I'm convinced, like, totally.

Also, people from UAP say that she’s an infamous self-declared princess from Mindanao. Ask your friends from UA&P who went to that school at around the same time and they very likely know.

Also, she did submit a PBB audition in Kumu. Whoa! the new DDS princess wants to be an ABS-CBN celebrity? LMAO!

Yan nga ang sinabi sa Tiktok niya, pansinin daw siya lalo para makapasok siya sa PBB. Deny pa nga noong una na DDS siya. Buti nalang may mga resibo.

"i NEVER look down on people or find a way to degrade or bully them"

Your honor, please mark exhibit #2 (see highlight) and see the glaring disconnect from her statements.

Anyway, the mere mention of her connection to Cezar Mancao is obviously getting to her nerves, so you know how to make her blood boil when trolling her.

She made two Tiktok entries for the subject. Yes, she’s so!

Jam Magno just played herself. The irony is spilling with her tea.

Hindi talaga nagsisinungaling ang mga resibo. Good job! The audacity to speak for the coward & the lawbreaker is a manner of just describing her character. Nakakasuka!

How can someone sound so smart while spitting out stupid shits? Only Jam Magno.

It bothers me how these people support the president. Is there any underlying meaning behind all of these? The thought is so disturbing.

With all the growing number of people realizing the country's real situation one calamity after another, here's Jam Magno steering some defensive move laughing hard to make her the winner of all the debates which is not the purpose of all the clamor of the people. Be compassionate.

Jam Magno is the kind of friend who doesn't care about red flags no matter how toxic that one person can be.

Ang daming kuda yet she’s proud na she didn’t vote last election at natulog na lang siya... WOW ROLE MODEL! 

With the way things have been going, I’m predicting that Jam Magno will have a government position in 2-3 months. The current Philippines administration loves ass lickers.

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