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How can Instagram help you manage and alleviate stress?

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Are you having trouble coping; are you stressed out, or are you feeling overwhelmed? If you give a positive answer to these questions, you are not the only one. In the present times, half of the world population is going through an epidemic - stress. A survey says that 21% of Canadians beyond 12 years of age rated their lives quite a bit or extremely stressful.

Stress management is perhaps one of the most searched options on the web. When people cannot cope with their stress levels, they search for various options to relieve the stress. Many people have an account on social media platforms like Instagram. Sometimes seeing pictures of yummy food, travel diaries, and scenic images can relieve our stress level. Stress affects all ages of society, from children to aged people. Apart from social media, books provide guidelines for enhancing personal wellness and effective stress management. 

Know to limit your stress

When we search for solutions to cope with stress, we often ignore the reasons behind it. Here are some of the reasons behind everyday stress in life:

  • Managing health problems 
  • Managing funds for investment
  • Managing demands at work or school
  • Managing formal and informal relationships

The most important thing for anyone to do is consult a certified if they suffer from stress for a long time. Nowadays, people have become workaholic and unsocial. But many of us rely on social media platforms like Instagram to stay connected and find solutions. Here are some of the quick remedies to control your stress level:

  • Take a slow and deep breath; try some yogic method of breathing exercise
  • Go for a quick leisurely walk around your office or house 
  • Listen to your favorite song and sing along 

We often do not realize that the thoughts we put in our heads are more responsible than the food that we eat. A healthy diet can reduce your stress level effectively. For instance, a Mediterranean-style healthy diet comprises of vegetables, fruits, grains, fish, and unsaturated fats are a good choice. A survey says you complemented with fish oil; it led to a reduction in depression. 

Simultaneously, a poor diet comprises high saturated fat levels, refined carbohydrates, and processed food products. Nutritionists say that diet has a link to poorer mental health in children and adolescents. We usually look at many food pictures on Instagram and love the relief it provides us.

And when you post your photos and get real comments on Instagram, it gives a happy feeling. So engaging with like-minded people on social media platforms can be a stress buster for some.

You often do not know, but your daily food habit is frequently responsible for the extensive stress level. These are the primary food that you must avoid 

  • Stop or reduce the consumption of nicotine and drinks containing caffeine and alcohol
  • Reduce the intake of refined sugars as they can be harmful to your health and wellness
  • Avoid white carbohydrates such as white bread, pies, and chips

Stress and social media

When people get stressed, they do search for various solutions to feel good. Sometimes they look for Instagram posts of their favorite actors, which can provide them some relief. It is evident users follow their favorite celebrity, food bloggers, fashion icons, etc. And when these celebrities talk about stress and other problems in their lives, they connect with them. Apart from glamour, stars do share their stress-relieving journeys with inspires their followers. Here are some profiles who share about stress management and wellness on Instagram:

  • Actress Tabitha Brown rose to fame with her soothing voice and sweet words of positivity. All kinds of uplifting messages, self-care tips, and amusing wisdom saw her follower count increasing.  
  • Poet Diego Perez, who is mainly passionate about meditation and wellness programs, share his thoughts regularly on Instagram. His posts inspire people to think deeper, reassess our relationships, and set a positive outlook towards life.
  • UK based artist and mental health activist Hannah Daisy started the hashtag #boringselfcare. All her illustrations showed the people how to take care of you in a simple yet crucial way. 

Although we mostly treat social media like Instagram as a fun platform to share our thoughts and colorful pictures with others and count likes and followers, it is also a great marketing place. If you want to start your health and wellness programs professionally, then the Insta page can be of great help. You need to have a strategic plan and post your wellness tips, positive thoughts to inspire people to live a healthy, stress-free life.  Do pay attention to your stress level, be calm, pamper yourself with positive thoughts, and lead a stressful free healthy life.

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