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Rabbit farming in the city of Pasig

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All I wanted was an alternative source of fertilizer. But in my search, I think I stumbled upon an interesting business opportunity.

At a small space in his backyard, the owner takes care of rabbits as pets for both personal and for sale mostly to customers who finds him online as Rabbits Ko sa Pasig City

I found him online because one member of a plant group in Facebook has rabbits as pets where he uses it's poop as fertilizers for his veggies that were all thriving because of the addition of these organic fertilizers. 

Yup, Plantitos and Plantitas just dry them up or even as fresh, to add to the soil where their plants are growing, and it does boost the plants growth.

But this guy is based in Pampanga where he also bought his pet rabbits.

I also have a foreign friend based in Masbate who also takes care of rabbits as a business.

Both places are just too far for me, thus I therefore looked for nearer options, and would be perfect but to find one just a tricycle ride away from our home.

Just over at Kapasigan, close to the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig is his residence...and at his backyard is where you'll find his rabbits. No signage outside since it's a residential address but his rabbits are advertised online through his own page.

Rabbits do eat all day and they also multiply like crazy. They can get impregnated and give birth fast. The bunnies can be separated from their mother as early as two to three months, and can mate already after 6 months. 

For more details, I posted a series of videos on our official Facebook fan page so you'll get to learn more.

Part 1:

Just watch the video for more detailed information. Part 2 is where we sat down to fully discuss rabbit farming in the city including the investment to setup this kind of small with the potential to be big and profitable business.

Part 2:

Customers finds him on Facebook as Rabbits Ko sa Pasig City where you can order online and just have these rabbits picked-up and delivered straight to your doorstep via courier of your choice.

How much for a pair (a doe and a buck) so you can start with them either as your pets or as a breeding business if you decide to become bigger? You'll find that out in this video.

The owner said he started out with two pairs, and he has been doing this for five years already. His female pets give birth to 6 to 8 kits (baby rabbits), and gets to sell them quick. As of this writing all existing kits already have owners....while he waits for the other pregnant does (female rabbits) to give birth.

Of course you need to invest on the cages, the bigger, the better to give your rabbits more room to move around and exercise.

Recommended is 6 x2 x3 feet to give them room to hop and stand on their two feet. They also need a few hours of play on a daily basis preferably.

His cages were arguably small but he did say he lets the adult ones go out for exercises, but not too much because of possible threats to their health. I keep asking him about the cage size because if I will get one of my own, I'll want the biggest one possible and with good flooring too.

Plus the feeds, since they'll need pellets to give them more nutrients to grow bigger and healthier, aside from the grass, hay and edible leaves of vegetables. The owner showed me some of his vegetables that he grows on his property so it saves him on the feeds.

On a large scale, the meat type of rabbits can also be sold for meat as they are leaner than beef thus healthier. But I can't imagine having these cute and adorable creatures for lunch or dinner. So scratch that thought. I want to pet rabbits for their love and poop, not eat them.

So again all this started with my search for animals that I could have as pets so I could use their poop as fertilizers...hahaha...but it seems aside from being a Plantito or Vegetito, I'll be taking care of rabbits too. So does that mean I'm now a "Rabbittito?"


Now there's a bonus for Plantitos and Plantitas, just beside at their property is also a relative who sells quality ornamental plants.

This is like hitting two birds with one stone. You are definitely in luck. Perhaps you could get a discount if you buy both rabbit and plant during your visit.

And another bonus is there's another relative who makes and sells DIY drones. Now that sounds interesting too.

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