Thursday, November 5, 2020

#NoToSogieBill Trends on Twitter

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"Sana yung discussion natin, when it comes to discrimination, should be more universal, should be more encompassing" - Senator Nancy Binay

Thank you also to Bro. Eddie Villanueva for opposing and fighting against this unbiblical bill.

We already have bill of rights so #NoToSogieBill. It is a demand for special rights. It is never a call for equality. SOGIE Bill is not the answer to your demands of protection.

Christians are not using the Bible to attack LGBT groups. If you feel attacked, it's because your life is in opposition to what is written in the Bible. Truth hurts, for those who are not living in the truth.

Yes we are all sinners, but do not let this bill become an open door to further encourage sinning against yourself. Know your limits!

Do not call us homophobes for going against the SOGIE Bill. You are delusional, for not even accepting your original gender. Acceptance is the first step towards righteousness.

Every MAN and WOMAN deserves love and respect. SOGIE Bill can't give the "equality rights" we have since long time ago. Don't abuse the law. Let's not tolerate sin. 

We respect everyone regardless of their gender preference, pero huwag idamay ang batas! Do not make law that will punish others for expressing their faith and conscience. 

We already hv enough laws in our country that protects the rights of all Filipinos regardless of their age, gender, social status, and even so called “sexual orientation”-Bill of Rights, Labor laws & many others. We don’t need another SPECIAL LAW for the LGBT community.

God’s people should reach out in love even to those in LGBT community. But to penalize with P500k and imprisonment those whom they  perceive na nakasakit ng kanilang damdamin by simply expressing their biblical view, a rightful freedom, is not equality.

Hindi lang LGBT ang nakakaexperience ng harassment. Lahat ng tao in different aspect. We don't need SOGIE Bill, we just need to strengthen the current law that will protect us from all of these.

Personalities Against #SOGIEbill

The City of Manila under Mayor Isko Moreno has just implemented policies supporting #SOGIE; and thus, the discussion related to the bill is a hot topic again.

Here are some of the celebrities and lawmakers who are against SOGIE. 

Fact Check: Bro. Eddie never proposed to torture LGBTQ thru conversion therapy. He didn't say that being an LGBTQ is a disease. Due to pains and hurts na pinagdaanan ng LGBTQ, he's proposing a holistic emotional,psychological and spiritual restoration. 

Do not be like a dead fish, susunod kung ano ang uso. 

SOGIE bill is not a trend, it is unlawful to the eyes of God.

We don't discriminate you [LGBT], we just don't want to tolerate unlawful laws in this country. 

Bro. Eddie Villanueva says: "JESUS CHRIST is not a racist.. not a religious fanatic.. not a political fanatic..Jesus Christ the SON of the Living GOD died for all sinners hence JESUS LOVES ALL!

There are already existing laws that you can use.

#NoToSogieBill doesn't mean I discriminate the LGBTQ community. Equality isn't about giving special treatment. We have anti-discrimation laws that need to be properly implemented. Let's focus on the implementation, not on creating something that's more divisive.

#NoToSogieBill #ISupportBroEddie

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