Monday, November 2, 2020

Make #NasaanAngCatanduanes Trend

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You are lucky enough to sleep comfortably in your bed tonight. Think of those people who are homeless at this moment especially in Catanduanes because of the super typhoon. No updates until now. No signal.

It's been hours since Catanduanes, an island here in the Philippines, welcomes the strongest typhoon in the world. No electricity, no communication, and no news about the people there. 

DO A THING, TAKE A HAND! They're not just an island, but an island of our country, the first island to conquer strong winds and rain after the Super Typhoon Rolly land falls in them first. Rescue them.

No offense sa nag ta-top trend na hashtag ngayon. But please, let's make #NasaanAngCatanduanes trend more!! This is more important than the other tags that are trending right now. If the government won't do anything about this then let's use our platform to raise/spread awareness!

We've seen posts from Viga, Catanduanes Facebook page and here are some photos I've found. The picture captures houses, trees, and electrical posts fell down. 

"We have not been resilient. We were just helpless."

It has always been like this. We never had donations pouring in like Yolanda funds. We were never hyped like Bagyong Ondoy. Kahit na Catandunganons has always been ravaged by the strongest typhoons. 


Helping my kababayan finding some updates about Catanduanes for we haven't have any idea yet of what had happened there. 

This might help just look for the name on facebook.

People who make this  #NasaanAngCatanduanes trend is not being OA, we, people who's far away from our families in that island just want an update. We know that Catandunganons are strong, but still we need an update about what happened to our beloved island, about our families.

Just look how strong the typhoon is before and after it lands on Catanduanes Island. They're absolutely affected, please make a way to rescue those families in that place. Do not ignore, save lives.

This is when ABS-CBN Regional Network is really helpful sana. Kaso wala e. It's now been proven and confirmed that we cannot rely on the other network when it comes to urgent matters like this. No hate. Just stating fact. 

While everybody is talking about the mainland Bicol (Albay and others), please see our kababayans in Catanduanes. They absorbed the full power of the super typhoon. Kung malala sa mainland Bicol, I can't imagine kung gaano pa sa Catanduanes.

#NasaanAngCatanduanes trend!

A story of awareness, togetherness and hope.

#NasaanAngCatanduanes is for every Filipino citizen who is unaware about Catanduanes geography and history.  Catanduanes is an easternmost island province of Luzon. Most typhoons brewed in the Pacific pass through the Island which is later  called the "Land of the Howling Winds". Because of this condition, the Catandunganons are known to be resilient. But bravery is the only option in times of vulnerability. Now, Catanduanes is vulnerable and in need of help - media coverage, better communication infrastructure,  food relief operations and many other ways.

#NasaanAngCatanduanes is for every family member who seeks help to be able to get an immediate response from authorities so they can keep in touch with their families in the island. A day already passed since #RollyPH landfall in Bato. There is no connectivity and electricity which makes it challenging to keep in contact with  relatives. Some municipality managed to post few photos in the past hours with minimum connectivity. But other parts of the province such as Bato and San Miguel remained silent in the past day in both mainstream and social media. 

#NasaanAngCatanduanes is a story of the current residents in the island who are awaiting for support from the government, media and NGO. #NasaanAngCatanduanes when it comes to government priorities?

I never expected that the hashtag will become viral in less than a day in the Philippines. I learned  that social media is a very powerful tool to help and to tell a story. And this is a story of awareness, togetherness and hope. 

I hope we do support other provinces which were heavily impacted by #RollyPH, they too have their stories."

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