Tuesday, November 3, 2020

The Internet is Demanding Justice For Johnny Depp

Wazzup Pilipinas!

What Johnny Depp has done for victims of abuse is admirable. He showed that you should never give up. The system is corrupt, but you should never stop fighting for what is right. Never ever give up!

I just want to applause Johnny Depp for having the courage to tell the truth. He gave strength to real victims. Be strong Johnny. You are so loved.

 “Many of the loudest voices on Twitter today following the news are on Depp’s side, with #JusticeForJohnnyDepp trending on social media, first in the UK and then worldwide.”

Yes, Johnny has lost the trial.

But as we all see, it might actually be what we needed. EVERYONE IS FURIOUS. WE FOUND OUT JUDGE NICOL IS CONNECTED TO HEARD. THE #JusticeForJohnnyDepp and #JohnnyDepp are TRENDING. WE HAVE THE ATTENTION. WE HAVE FACTS. WE HAVE SUPPORT!

Also: JOHNNY WILL APPEAL! THEY WILL FIGHT FURTHER. Heard is being investigated against! Judge Nicols openly turns to JK ROWLING, SUGGESTING HER TO RECAST DEPP. He's taking SIDES. He ignored PROOF, WITNESSES, VIDEOS AND DOCUMENTS. 

Johnny Depp’s team officially confirmed that he will appeal the judgment. GO KING, THE TRUTH SHOULD PREVAIL!! 

I am just glad that Team Depp have come out with a strong statement calling the verdict ridiculous. The fight is not over. #JusticeForJohnnyDepp will prevail! 

Evidence that judge discarded: police testimony, nurses' notes, all of Johnny Depp's witnesses, audio tape where Amber Heard admits to multiple assaults and starting physical fights.

Evidence that judge took into account: Amber's word. Texts.

He took into account Amber Heard's texts not Johnny Depp's to her, to his bodyguards and to her parents where he repeatedly says that Amber has assaulted him.

The bias in the judgement and 'reasons' for it are shouting out loud and, once dug into, very clearly. No justice has been served.

The judge says she’s telling the truth because she was under oath but they were all under oath! He makes no sense whatsoever she changed her story multiple times she healed quicker than wolverine what more evidence does he need? The judge is a sick joke!

The judge admitted to basing this case on the word of Amber Heard.  He must be bonkers.

The UK courts are a joke if this is the result. He totally disregarded every witness and evidence that Depp had and just blindly believed her. A day of shame for the UK courts. 

Amber Heard is an abuser and that misandrist judge is not going to change that!

I have 0 doubts that there's something fishy with this Judge. His  ruling is basically kissing Amber Heard's ass and ignoring all the evidence and witnesses testimonies. A completely lack of ethic. This woman was arrested for domestic violence. WTF is this?

This is why male victims don't even bother speaking up. Johnny Depp has hours of tapes of Amber Heard abusing him, more than 40 witnesses, medical and police records and security camera footage, yet the judge sided with her because she is a woman.

"I've been misrepresented, people have assumed something, based on something that they've heard or read and they've written about it and turned it into this fiction, and now that fiction is something that I have to carry around with me" - Johnny Depp

I just want to say that I’m very proud of every single person who’s been defending Johnny Depp throughout these tough months. It was not easy, we’ve spent hours on spreading evidence, fighting with injustice. Just please, don’t give up. I love you all.

It’s all so shocking. And his wording of “I believe her” etc without evidence. It’s so clearly biased. So corrupt. A judge has to use evidence. This is crazy.

How many times did he say “she must have been so terrified” and “I believe she did fear for her life” like where’s the proof to back her word up?!

Anyone who listened to her 2 hour tape, where she gave him Xanax, would know a woman terrified of her husband would not be using that 'tone' and she would mention once "you hit me" but she doesn't! The judge has been paid off.

He’s literally said multiple times that what evidence he’s given “doesn’t matter”, it’s a joke! If he gave her the abuse and torment she says he didn’t then she would never speak to him the way she does.

This is a mockery.  It HAS to be appealed.....This joker didn't even try to hide his bias in his judgement.  It's blatant and sickening.  I can't even think straight right now.

Absolute UK corruption!  Never does the false accuser get any blame whatsoever! They are automatically believed, statements are amended & exculpatory evidence removed before trial! Welcome to the UK justice system - corrupt as it is!

We have a lot more work to do to increase awareness about the prevalence and destructiveness of women abusing men. 

ALL FALSE ACCUSERS LIE UNDER OATH!! Courts just don't want to see the reality of charging a woman so they let all false accusers go and convict all the falsely accused - who are usually men!  Its misandric - its immoral and its NOT JUSTICE!!

This was a message to male victims of domestic abuse across the UK: You can have medical records, eyewitnesses, multiple audios of your abuser admitting to abusing you, but so long as she denies it on the stand, none of it will matter. This is not just. 

Welcome to the shady world of The England’s judiciary.

British judiciary system is highly inefficient. They still live in 1800s era. They made law for India when India was a British colony. Johnny still stands a huge chance of winning trial in USA.

This was a message to all male victims of abuse ACROSS THE WORLD. Even with all the proof, the judge is completely biased. The system has once again let the just down.

It was already hard for male victims to prove abuse they went through so imagine how much this will damage their fight for justice, if they even had such chance to get it to begin with. This is a tragedy.

And it's precedent-setting. I'm so sad for male victims right now. The system has failed them all.

Never mistake law for justice. 

Justice is an ideal, and law is a tool.

The biggest tool in law is Judge Andrew Nicol.

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