Saturday, October 24, 2020

Alex Gonzaga and family recover from Covid-19

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Vlogger Alex Gonzaga revealed in an October 23 vlog entry that she had contracted the coronavirus, along with her parents, her fiancée Mikee Morada, and household member Sophie."

Did she vlogged about it for clout and monetization benefits, or to let us know and realize that the Corona virus is not a joke?

Well, she is indeed getting the views that will equate to a huge sum eventually, but it could also mean her fans are curious to know how she dealt with the traumatizing experience?

By the way, were they asymptomatic or symptomatic? Maybe you go watch her vlog to find out. Lol!

They've all recovered and are all well already but netizens are divided with some bashing her for having the nerve to document her recuperating journey so she could monetize the views, while others are saying it's her job as an "influencer" to let her followers know that the virus should be taken seriously.

As I understand, she was supposed to get married this month but didn't push through. A lot of other plans were also put on hold. All because one of their housemates craved food and went outside. 

This is giving me anxiety because we go out often to do errands like daily to buy food to cook, and weekly for groceries. While my wife is required by the Department of Education to report twice a week, and additional days for other extra activities, I'm already attending events, not online but onsite.

We also visit our other home in Montalban, Rizal at least every two weeks otherwise it will be all ruined by rats, pests, the weather and other nuisances if not maintained.

We are happy that Alex Gonzaga and her family, fiance and others survived Covid-19 and that she's finally out of danger. It breaks our hearts that she had to go through it. It's not easy to open up about it but she wants to spread awareness and educate people. 

One thing you need to understand about her being the Most Popular and Most Influential Female YouTuber is that she will never release a vlog if it's only for clout and views.  She only releases a vlog once a week. Is that an indication that her channel was never made for fame and money?

The 51st Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation Box-Office Entertainment Awards accorded to her the award. 

Unlike any other YouTubers, does Alex uses her platform properly!? As a social media influencer, does she knows her responsibility to her audience? Is she is at par with or better compared to her contemporaries?

Does it break your heart to see Alex Gonzaga crying if it's not tears of joy? She is about to share her journey to all of us tomorrow! 

Are you thrilled, or in shock that she announced she will be releasing a vlog about her quick recovery?

Alex and her family are too rich and ka-DDS to die from Covid-19, so there's no shocker there!

Getting infected by Covid-19 is a serious matter. Noone deserves to go through it. So no matter how much you hate a person, don't ever wish him or her dead....and though many have survived from the virus, there were also a lot of lives lost.

For all individuals that are affected by the Coronavirus, please stay strong. Keep your faith. You'll get through it. If Alex Gonzaga and everyone who won the battle against covid can make it, you too can do it (especially if you're rich). God is the ultimate healer. Laban lang tayong lahat!

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