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Top Universities in Sydney 2020

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The dream of every student is to study in the best institution; it does not matter wherever it is. And you have not mistaken if you have chosen Australia for your further study in one of the best universities in the world. Because Australia is not a home of one but many universities that have achieved the reputation to be in the list of world's best universities.

And in Australia, Sydney can be your first choice to go for higher study and to stay in. Why? We will be explaining it to you throughout the article. Because the purpose o today's article is to let you know about the top universities in Sydney as well as why choosing Sydney is a good decision to complete your study in.


Sydney, the heart of Australia, is the capital of New South Wales and the largest city of the country. There are many reasons behind my saying it the heart of Australia. It's the main point of entry for most people visiting or living in Australia as the international airport is located very close to the center of the city.

The capital of the nation, Canberra, is easily drivable from the city as it is only 300kms away, which is closer than any other city. The city has, no doubt, the most diverse and the largest economy in the world. It provides an incredible amount of varied work opportunities.

Compared to other cities, you will get to be in closer proximity to the natural wonders in Sydney. Such as beaches, national parks, ski slopes, rivers, lakes, mountains, harbors, etc. for various reasons, the city of Sydney is unique and instantly recognizable internationally.

You will be exposed to a very diverse culture while living in this city since people of 180 different nationalities reside in Sydney.

There are a lot more reasons for which you won't regret living in Sydney.

Study in Sydney

When you are choosing Sydney to continue your further study, you are actually choosing one of the most desired destinations for studying abroad. Many universities in this city are enlisted as the top universities in the world, along with some oldest universities in the world.

If you are an international student, you have a lot of advantages to take regarding very modern and advanced facilities and security in the way of pursuing your dream.

Top universities of Sydney

Sydney provides its students with a huge number of diverse areas to study spread over15 public universities, five private universities, 17 acting universities, nine medical universities, and many more.You can find universities easily on Cateight.

1. University of Sydney

Founded in 1851, the university that has made its place among the world's top 50 universities in the world is the University of Sydney. According to the QS World University Ranking 2020, this is the 42nd best university in the world, and it continues to be the 3rd best university in Australia with 45,000 students who represent around 134 nations. They have about 280 exchange programs in place with over 30 countries.

This is a place where widely recognized and valued credentials can be obtained by graduates. They make society leaders by equipping their students with leadership qualities. As a result, the students are more able to serve their communities at each level.

Five Australian prime ministers have been the students of these universities. One of them is Edmund Barton, who won the first federal election of Australia in 1901.

2. The University of New South Wales

Founded in 1949, the University of New South Wales, also known as UNSW Sydney, is one of the leading universities of research and teaching in the world. It stands 43rd as per QS World University Ranking. This university also ranks 27th in the world because of graduate employability.

Its huge population consists of over 60,000 current students from more than 130 countries. And the cohort of alumni has 300,000 alumni spread over the world.

The 8000 strong research community of the university leads the world in sustainable materials, solar powers, and quantum computing. They are also renowned internationally in many other fields.

Its 38-hectare main campus is in Kensington, which is seven kilometers away from the center point of Sydney. They empower their students so that they can discover opportunities, which will shape their future.

3. The University of Technology Sydney

The UTS or the University of Technology Sydney is an innovative and contemporary university. It offers practice-based learning with world-class facilities. They offer career-oriented education with updated courses that reflects the development of technology and research. It stands 133rd in QS World Ranking University.

The UTS is internationally recognized for its excellent performance in research, teaching quality and infrastructure, and graduate employability. UTS provides a wide variety of support programs to international students, which includes library assistance, English language support, career, and housing services. Also, the program of clubs and peer network promote current students through a number of social activities to connect with new students.

The UTS is in the center of Sydney, the lively and culturally diverse city. The City campus is situated near the Central Station, the transport hub of Sydney, which is also a reason to make it one of the best universities in the whole world.

Final Words

We hope this compilation of the information about Sydney's top universities has helped you at least a little bit. And you are now a step ahead in making decisions regarding your higher study in Sydney and pursue your dream. Now, all left to do is to prepare yourself to enter into one of these, as none of them is very easy to get into. And make your application easy with Cateight.

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