Sunday, July 26, 2020

The Prodigal Plant

Wazzup Pilipinas!

A few days ago while watering my plants, I noticed this plant seedling growing out from the hole of the used plastic mineral water container I used as a pot. I let it be that day because I was busy with something else, but in my mind I never thought it will survive.

This morning, I saw it again and saw it grew a lot bigger. When I lift the container up, I was surprised it was totally out of the container. it's thriving roots seems to have crept out and got bigger outside...

Or the heavy rains yesterday gave it a push out. The rain water draining out of the container pot's hole must have carried it out.

Kawawa naman. So I replanted it on the same container pot. I wanted to replant it on a different pot but I don't have any available right now.

Should I have replanted it somewhere else if it truly wants to leave its home? Or did I do the right thing by returning it back home and reuniting it with its family?

Yes, there were other seedlings there since our Pasig residence is mostly a nursery from which I grow seeds or cuttings, nurture and propagate them to be replanted in the near future at our Montalban, Rizal residence.

How about you? Are you also a prodigal child? Did you also have to leave your home to show them you can be independent, or you left to be finally free from the criticisms of your family? But now you are too proud or ashamed to return and apologize? You think they may not longer accept you for what you did? Don't you wish somebody would also come along, mediate and become the bridge to reunite you with your family?

Like how the old but powerful saying goes, "no man is an island" because it's a lot better living, or working, when we are teamed up with others. But it's more awesome if part of your dream team is your family.

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