Thursday, July 30, 2020

Challenge Accepted: What it really means

Wazzup Pilipinas!

About that challenge accepted churva:

Don't you think we should only post when someone challenges us....hehehe...if not, no need to. Or is it a global/nationwide challenge for everyone?

So before posting I researched. The challenge is so much more than a selfie or old photographs from the aged family chest.

Over the past several days, many social media feeds have been overrun with black-and-white images of women both famous and not. But now, even men are joining the bandwagon, but not really understand what it was for.

I haven't done it yet, but tried to Google it. Though I came across a post that warns you about the illegal use of your photos for deepfakes or something similar.

If you're confused by the premise of the #WomenSupportingWomen #ChallengeAccepted challenge, don’t worry. Many people seem to be.

This challenge originally started to raise awareness for the current femicides occurring in Turkey, where women’s black an white photos are shown on news outlets after being murdered.

In July alone, 40 women have been murdered so far.

Then came #pınargültekin - a 27 year old student who after days of searching was found exhumed, beaten, strangled and buried in a barrel.

Her attacker was found and arrested due to social media coverage.

So whilst I am not all for the women empowering women movement (why do we need to be divisive, open the opportunity to help to men too), let’s also use this opportunity to shine a light on the issues Turkish women are facing.

I find it so telling that every publication that decided to do a story on this social media challenge, did it through the most critical lense.

From the most shallow perspective, it’s a challenge forcing women to look at themselves as beautiful (because B&W photos are the OG filters). You would be surprised how many women don’t post selfies because they don’t think of themselves as worthy of it.

There was so much weight on why the challenge mattered, that when it was finally traced back to violence against women in Turkey, it got essentially, one paragraph. The entire rest of the article is about criticizing women for being XYZ.

The fact that there have been more publications writing about this challenge than, for instance, AG Barr’s dad hiring Jeffrey Epstein to work at an elite all girls private school, which led to him becoming the most notorious child molester, is much more important and interesting for readers.

Still, as an IT, though inactive, the so called "naysayers" poking on security issues should be thanked for giving the warning. Not being paranoid but just being cautious. Let us not hate them for being party-poopers.

They are saying that you are just helping Facebook and other face recognition apps to perfect their AI in duplicating our features. The downside, they could successfully clone us and build clone profiles based on inputs we willingly give. Read more on face recognition, data mining, deep fakes, etc.

If it won't hurt you to follow, just like how many of us believe in Feng Shui, superstition, etc., let's appreciate their concern for us.

There maybe just a few who can't express themselves in a tone that suits you that you immediately reject and brand him with names.

By the way, the FaceApp could also be another way to gather similar data for illegal use....also Nametests, OMG, etc.

and why go far, Facebook seems to be the largest database of all sorts of information about us. We feed it with almost everything about us...well, I do.

Be afraid or not?

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