Saturday, July 18, 2020

#TanginaMoBongGo Trends on Twitter

Wazzup Pilipinas!

If taken literally the #TanginaMoBongGo is cursing his mother instead, so please use a different hashtag otherwise we are as bad as him. How about #TaenaMoBongGo

Palitan natin hashtag kasi parang yung nanay niya minumura natin eh.

"[putang ina mo] is a common enough expression [...] to express anger or displeasure. It is seldom, if ever, taken in its literal sense [...] as a reflection on the virtues of a mother." Reyes v. People, G.R. No. L-21528, March 28, 1969

#TaenaMoBongGo seems better or does it sound the same as #TanginaMoBongGo ?

#TanginaMoBongGo... that felt good..indeed especially if you are one of those so disappointed with what is happening throughout our country.

Filipinos online curse Senator Bong Go after NBI probe into critics’ posts.

Lawyers of Bong Go filed a cybercrime case vs a college student who SHARED a post criticizing him. Instead of just saying Bong Go is a snowflake, a puppet to the president, unworthy of senatorial seat, we made #TanginaMoBongGo trend. THIS IS HOW TIRED WE ARE.

The hashtag tops Twitter’s trending list as netizens lambast the senator for being thin-skinned. Was he the only politician ever to seek help of the NBI against bashers?

"A public official, more especially an elected one, should not be onion skinned. Strict personal discipline is expected of an occupant of a public office because a public official is a property of the public."
Yabut vs. Office of the Ombudsman, G.R. no. 111304

Bong Go issuing a subpoena to a student over a criticizing post and using "due process" as an excuse. Now that is a joke.

Bong Go is too busy going after critics but couldn't even accept accountability for the implications of his Balik-Probinsya Program or explain his contentious presence in cabinet meetings while he is a senator (separation of powers).

Kasi nga there’s no good thing to say about him. Just stay as P.A and palace photobomber kasi doon ka may silbi kaysa senador.

This is the prize of being a public servant na palpak. Snowflake ass.

Oh how I would love to see Bong Go get roasted by Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago  if she's still alive now.

From having a strong lady in the senate like Miriam Defensor Santiago who ‘eats death threats for breakfast’ to now a guy that subpoenas people who hurt his fragile feelings. Our taste for senators really went downhill noh?

Sen. Risa Hontiveros has been called worse (puta, terorista, mamatay ka na) but we've never seen her weaponize the law vs citizens. She never used her position to intimidate the public & shield herself from criticism.

That's probably why this is trending.

Look at Bong. He did it again! Scaring us and weaponizing the law. How did he get elected again? Does the 7-hour glitch sound familiar to him? Isn't his original function is just to take pictures of his boss?

According to Rodrigo Duterte, cursing is not a crime. So tuloy-tuloy lang ang saya?

I just read and also watched the statements of Senator Bong Go. He pointed out that criticism is okay UNLESS you get to the point of making 'fake news'. That is why I don't get the memes and accusations brought by #TanginaMoBongGo.

If in some way I'm wrong, correct me. Please enlighten me.

The #TanginaMoBongGo hashtag could only mean 2 things: 1) that it is really "tangina" that we have to endure that whom the Comelec 7-hour glitch had produced; & 2) that it is really "tangina" that the Anti-Terror Law is what most of us fear.

To my friends on Twitter,

Please, stop making #TanginaMoBongGo trend.

We should respect government officials & stop saying things like #TanginaMoBongGo. They have feelings too. What do u think will they feel when they open social media and see #TanginaMoBongGo trending?

#TanginaMoBongGo is a proof that the government and elites will never silence critics and dissenters.  This is a collective action by twitter locals.  Bong Go can never file a case to everyone who participated. 

We have the power and freedom to speak up!

Let's make this trend reach more than 1Million tweets. Let's make NBI struggle to issue 1million subpoena. Then we all meet up at the Supreme Court and party hard asf and shout #TanginaMoBongGo

Disclaimer: I solemnly swear that this tweet does not, in any way, suggest rebellion or terrorism. It’s just a mere expression of disappointment over how this country is being ran by these clowns.

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