Sunday, July 12, 2020

Collaborating with Influencers to Boost Brand Awareness

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Been very active on social media as I get to learn a lot from posts and discussions on group chats.

There's this post seeking advice if whether startups are in favor of collaborating with Influencers.

Below are some selected parts of the discussion I gathered to believe valuable information.

The right influencer can really bring in the sales. Influencers can bring in considerable sales and credibility.

The operative word here is right. The influencer has to be aligned with the brand's target market so he or she can bring in the sales.

Depending on your market and your goals, but most importantly on the influencer, if they fit your brand and they can make your vision come to life, it will be beneficial for both parties.

As a micro-influencer who has accepted paid collaborations and projects from brands here are some points to consider:

1) Some brands don’t prepare their influencer marketing strategy well. Is the goal for brand awareness? Lead generation? sales? or brand affinity? If you say all, you did not think it through. Make sure you have a clear purpose or message for your campaign, and not just randomly doing things for the sake of it.

2) Choose the right influencer for your brand. A legitimate influencer will know when to decline a project that is not a good fit for them. Be wary of those who accept  almost every project and have more than 50% of their content as sponsored posts. Personally, I think that kind of behavior dilutes their credibility.

3) Be Fair. Some influencers really put in the time and effort to build their following and consistently deliver quality content. To discount that effort into, ‘it’s just a social media post’ is insulting. Some have turned it into a full time career, so they also need to be properly compensated.

4) Don’t just look at numbers. Just because they are popular does not automatically mean they are the right one for you. Like, you wouldn’t get Manny Pacquiao to post about a beauty brand, would you?

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