Monday, July 13, 2020

100% Legal to Grow Weed in Canada

Wazzup Pilipinas!

100 % legal to grow all across Canada now. I don’t smoke but I know many who use it medicinally. No judgement!

There are so many medicinal advantages of this plant amongst others, it treats seizures,  anorexia,  bulimia,  anxiety,  insomnia, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer,  it's used for fuel, clothing, housing material. It's not just a dam weed plant, do your research before bashing people.

So many important health benefits in marijuana.  I love how people instantly assume you are going to hell for growing weed.  These are the judgmental people that just got done on a weekend bender  at the bar.

Hell doesn’t exist. The only real thing is the weed plant itself and people’s ability to be mean judgemental a**holes. I'm a God fearing man...having said that...there's obviously a reason why it survived the flood. I can only fear the things I believe in.

Many will openly admit they smoke once it becomes totally legal everywhere. As an arthritis medication, you would barely take any over-the-counter medications, no narcotics, and all you'll do is poof a little at night. It’s not right for everyone, but there are countless examples of the benefits.

So moral of the story is research the benefits of marijuana before you start spitting out nonsense.

That plant is beautiful and I wish I was growing it here.

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  1. There are a lot of such pipes now. But on top of that, I highly recommend puff puff pass. In the end, all these remedies helped me a lot to cope with headaches and depression. It seems to me that at this moment I am starting to live again. If you are faced with such problems, I would advise you to visit this site and learn about the products.

  2. I've heard about that as well, and I think it's true because smoking weed is harmful mostly because of the blunt itself.

  3. I'd been thinking of growing it myself at one point, but I decided that it was too complicated. Moreover, I don't have green fingers, so that's a problem as well.

  4. Actually, growing cannabis at home is a lot easier than many people think because there are a lot of myths about how to grow it the right way, but it's pretty easy. In addition, there are various articles, for example, this one at the link here, in which you can see how cannabis grows and navigate these stages by comparing with your plant, and even if you don't have green fingers, it won't be a problem.


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