Friday, May 24, 2019

Top 8 Tips To Become Infamous in the Blogging Community

Wazzup Pilipinas!

How can you earn the title of being "infamous" in the blogging community?

1. Be yourself, and not what others prefer you to be. We should all be genuinely unique and not carbon copies. We shoukd not be coming from a single mold, but one of a kind.

2. Disrupt the common, traditional and boring practices by "exerting extra effort" not expected from a blogger. There is no single definition of what a blogger is. We must stand out, and not be just like everyohe else.

3. Stop ass-kissing or butt-licking brands, event organizers, PRs or fellow bloggers. We do not deserve those who would ban us just because we truthfully speak of what's in our our heart and mind.

4. Talk back! Only the fakers would not have the guts to insist on their beliefs. Kapag may katwiran, ipaglaban mo! You'll sleep better knowing you fought for what yoy believe is right than forever be silence by your cowardice.

5. Hang out with those controversial and much-talked about bloggers, and get to know them personally and not just based on hearsays. Who knows, you may be of the same feather, and get to collab and fly off to more thrilling adventures together.

6. Do not let yourself be part of a gangbang. Do your own research, and write from the heart. Friendship could clutter your mind with false and biased facts that will make you lose your genuine trust of your own perception of reality and personal beliefs.

7. Be inconsistent. New information could lead to a change of mind. It is alright to eat your own words. The only thing constant is change, and we are not an exemption.

8. Always be the best version of yourself. Your detractors are keeping an eye on you so you must be doing something right to get their attention. That is the game we play as bloggers, or now more properly known as influencers. Getting noticed is our top priority because no matter how good your content is, it's nothing if it is invisible to an audience thirsting for knowledge.

Whether you take this seriousky or not, it will remain a forever true guide on how to become part of history.

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