Friday, May 24, 2019

Blogging About the Real Versus the Entitled Version

Wazzup Pilipinas!

It’s a joy to be a portal of information of mostly Philippine news, products, events and opinions. If you have stories you want to share with the world, let's collaborate. Let’s have a collective advocacy campaign, to ensure that our voices are heard and the knowledge gained through our partnerships be forever ingrained in our minds and practiced in our everyday lives.

However, we are often torn between two powerful longings – to be the most in-demand by keeping positive and ignoring or setting aside shortcomings and faults of the brand (or anything comprising it including management, marketing and PR, and/or event organizers), or to be as frank and honest in your features and reviews because there should be no room for cover-ups.

Bloggers are kings and queens, knights and renegades, liars and honest men – playing a deadly game for control of the Kingdoms of blogging community, and just like in GOT, to sit atop the Iron Throne ...but still longing to be proclaimed most benevolent among fellow bloggers.

That moment when factions rise is when we  lose credibility. It doesn't have to be a single voice since we were all called upon to offer our individual judgement. Enough with the mob mentality. Talk or forever be silenced as just an expendable knight without his horse. That horse may be inferior compared to you, but it helps take you faster and more conveniently to your destination. But you wanted more and seek a carriage, forgetting it still needs a horse to make it move.

Overwhelmed, underwhelmed or just pasang-awa right smacked in the middle!

When we blog or vlog about events or brands, it's either of the three. Pwede rin ba percentage? Like ..."compared to other milk tea brands, this one has 100% of my preference for packaging and design, and 40% when it comes to taste, 0% when it comes to customer service... ang suplada ng order taker eh ang taba-taba at mukhang butanding"

So kapag nabitin o hindi satisfied ang blogger/vlogger sa isang event o collab, magrereklamo ba dapat tayo? o ok labg ba maglabas na lang ng blibd items tutal safe naman yata against cyber libel dahil walang nababggit na names?

Mas bilib ako sa mga nag rereview about a brand (product, service, personality, etc) without announcing that they are bloggers/vloggers.

Because brands tend to pamper and become the best version of themselves thus could be giving too much of what the actual is.

Our readers need to know the real score and not the "entitled" version.

Palibhasa our decisions are being influenced by the loots, tokens, perks, freebies, etc., that most of us are getting so brands would tend to over compensate in exchange of positive reviews.

As a blogger, I will support only good brands (even without any kind of sponsorship) and remain issue-based.

But no matter how busy I am, I would always find time to extend a helping hand towards those in need of my assistance.

Walang personalan? Meron syempre kasi nga blogger. That's how it was meant to be. That is why blogs are more credible than trad media because bloggers are supposed to be experiential, and thus critical and truthful about everything.

Let us not fear being ganged up by misguided entities. Because at the end of the day, ang blogging ay parang voting privilege natin. Sana nga na may katapat na indelible ink ang inilalagay na palatandaan sa atin para makita rin ng iba na we are responsible for whatever we have written or talked about.

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