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Wireless Slip Ring And Its Features

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Slip ring plays a very important part in supplying electrical power. Wireless slip rings have no carbon brushes and no more metal contact. The wireless slip ring is transfer data and powers without any wire. 

It means to say it is a wireless connection with the magnetic field that is created with colls and are placed in the stationary transmitter and rotating receiver. The wireless slip ring is basically a traditional slip ring. 

They are typically used in an operating environment. They required less maintenance. This can be transferred limited between colls. They can transmit power to the magnitude in the same volume.  Wireless is used as a Bluetooth, spread spectrum FHSS, hopping is offered alternative data.

In the fourth generation, the system will use the internet, big data analysis, sensors, and delivered more. If you use this system in the place of slip ring so, it is proved very beneficial. The system will play a role is about 4.0 in the industry. 

It is also enabled data across the devices, HMIs, enterprise, and machine. If you use wireless connection instead of slip rings then it can set up easily and quickly. The radio also used a wireless connection. The radio can be used with antennas and with the radiating cable. 

Actually, the wireless slip rings are not used as a mechanically so, there have no features mechanically. Wireless slip ring has a connection of 360 Degree continuous rotated at unlimited rpm. It has high efficiency, high availability, supply power for rotating, and mobile instrument equipment. 

It is a real solution to customers for engineering that is available in the market. It does not require cooling and lubrication. It is increasing the time and reliability. The integrated wireless data that support most industrial protocol in which include RS485, CAN-BUS, J1939, ETHERNET, RS422, PLC 4 TO 20 mA. 

Wireless provides the function that the people move freely and easily in and around the machines or process the application. This function is used to remove the older way of communication. The SHDSL used different carrier frequencies. 

This slip ring can change the parameter directly and efficiently. The wireless proved successful by upcoming challenges of data. The WSN is performing optimally.  The wireless sensor network has 14 wireless connections that make it possible to exist with other wireless connection.

The slip ring performs very well but with the passage of time, it gives poor performance. Today’s generation used mobile phones, laptop, internet, Wi-Fi, tablets, and etc. These all products are considered as wireless slip ring. 

The wireless used the battery that supplies current and you can take these things anywhere without a heavyweight. It is considered on live batteries and never uses any wire for signals, any wire for current, any wire for power.  

What are the wireless slip ring features an electrically
1-    Circuits                                         1 pair and USB 2.0 sinal
2-    Working voltage                             5 volts
3-    Compression strength                     300 volts at 50 Hz
4-    Insulation resistance                      200 Mat 300 VDC
What is the wireless slip ring features mechanically?
1-    Working speed                              0 to 150 pm
2-    Inner diameter                              20
3-    Lead wire length                            USB 2.0 A
4-    Contact material                            Noble mental
5-    Housing material                           Aluminum allay
What is the wireless slip ring features as an environment
1-    Working temperature                - 20 Degree C ~ + 60 Degree C
2-    Working humidity                          < 60 % RH
3-    IP                                                IP 54
The remark
1-    Application                                      /
2-    Service year                                  > 10 million turn
3-    Other                                             /
The application introduction is here
1-    Detecting instrument
2-    Turn table inductor
3-    Robots
4-    Intelligent devices
5-    Industrial contact chain
6-    Cooling machines and pallet loader
7-    Medical instrument
8-    Fitness machine
9-    Industrial control chain

USB terminal

The USB is another wireless slip ring example that advantages and characteristics detailed there. The wireless is basically found in a female terminal, male USB terminal, little return loss or plug loss, it has stable transmission, no package for loss, and core loss. 

Noble metal contact, long service life, military cladding technology, very low bit error rate BER and high SNR signal to noise ratio. The customer wants wireless products for their uses. 

One of the biggest issues is market demanded wireless and also they need communicate speed is about 1 sec and get 200 ms to 700 ms it is actually enough. The best part in wireless slip ring is allows sensing and networking in different places. 

There are many advantages in wireless so; the user needs to adopt this application. In wireless have many guidelines and resources that are helped to select the suitable device and strategy. 

Its networking and communication are very fast. The wireless is the transmitter and digital controller also.  The wireless is the second nature in the mainstream.

The people loved this wireless slip ring and slip ring connector. Because make it easy to travel anywhere with your required electric thing that is wireless. The wireless is commonly good for general HMI tasks. 

It is easy to integrate with Ethernet networking. The reducing cables and aiding operating flexibility is good enough benefit of wireless. Now the new invention is incomplete without a wireless connection. 

It is easy to change the position of the wireless. It’s not a heavy machine. It easily moves here and there. Some wireless slip ring examples

1-    Wi-Fi
The network that is attached without wire is Wi-Fi. It is a WLAN product that is based on the IEEE 802.11 which allows providing an electronic device for exchange the data and it is connected with the internet without any use of wire.

2-    ZigBee
It is a specification for a protocol that is used to create PANs. It built in size small and low in power. It is based on IEEE 802.15 that is also a founder of wireless HART and ISA100

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