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Top WordPress Blog Tips for Every Website Owner

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Have you ever given a thought about what would your perfectly designed, user friendly, and feature-rich website do without proper search engine optimization?

To be very frank, top search engine platforms such as Google, Yahoo, Bing are all bots at the end of the day and hence they are unusually very careless about your website design and navigation. They are more concerned about relevant topic, quality content, good focus keywords and other SEO norms which will get you in the list of most searched website.

Moreover, building a website is a very tricky thing because there are so many things to take care of. However, WordPress makes everything as easy as flickering your fingers. It is such an open source website which is one of the most efficient content management system and therefore popular world wide.

However, there are many things that you can use for your wordpress website which enhances your website for more organic traffic and to boost rankings. Here is a complete guide for wordpress which comes in handy for every blogger or wordpress website owner.

#1 Wordpress site safety should be your first concern

It is basic human nature to secure everything that comes under their dearest possession. Consider your wordpress site as your own precious creations and therefore you need to ensure its security first.

There are many things which you can do to secure your wordpress blog:

Reduce the amount of login attempts. For that you can install the Login Lockdown plugin. Reducing the amount of login attempts prevents yyour wordpress site from brutal force attacks.

You can spread awareness of wordpress password security for all users, so that they can also be prevented from such attacks.

You can also enable a two-way authentication factor to your wordpress site.

#2 Usage of SEO strategies is a wise decision

If you think that you are already one step ahead by using a wordpress site then it is partially incorrect. Wordpress blog also needs as much amount of seo as any other blog.

The difference between 500 visitors per day and 1,000 visitors per day is the factor where seo has been used and where it hasn’t been or how well it is used. Here are some guide wordpress developer seo, which every blogger or website owner must try:

Use effective tools for keyword research such as SpyFu. Google Adwords is supposedly the best in the seo field.

You can also integrate a wordpress seo plugin like Yoast which will help you in analysing the seo techiniques for eeach of your blog.

It is very important to put targeted keywords annd focus keywords in a balanced amount so that it does not seem like you have stuffed keywords for your wordpress blog.

Your meta title and meta description should be search engine optimized as well. The content for these two criteria should be such that it attracts visitors to know more, or at least is most relevant to their question.

Sharing is a big part of blogging. There is literally no point in writing blogs if you are not exposing it to the online users. Share your blogs on social media platforms to increase your organic trafffic and to bild your reader’s community.

#3 Create your own impression

“First impression is the last impression” – Anonymous

Whoever has said it is indeed true, it is not important how you write your blog, but it is very important to hit your audience with your first impression of a wordpress blog. According to human behavior, they slowly start relating to a thing, which they know for a long time.

Therefore it is important that if you have started writing blog with a particular style and a particular tone, do not change it. If change is unavoidable, then you can change it after giving it one or two years. The reason is simple, website or blog page that keeps on changing, confuses the people which results in increased bounce rate and low traffic.

Always be consistent. Make a calendar and set plans for posting your blog. Say suppose, every Monday to Wednesday will be blog writing day, whereas every Friday and Sunday will be your blog posting day. Do not disrupt the synchronization because it breaks the reader’s attention towards you.

Use a specific color palette, theme and template for your blog. It creates a relativity among the users.

Use different fonts to highlight certain points. Google bots catch those highlights very fastly.

Wordpress is a very innovative way to spread your name across the digital kingdom; get down to the business now to make your own brand.

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  1. I have one more useful tip. With wordpress payment processing plugin you can install a button which allows your customers to pay for your products or services via your website. Pretty handy, isn't it? And it's also simple to do.


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