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Top 5 Useful Phone Programs for Students

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Nowadays smartphone has become the part and parcel of our life. We can’t pass a single day without it. Most of us waste our valuable time by roaming on social media. Especially our young generation is the worst sufferer to this as they are wasting their valuable time on smartphones.

Thankfully there are some useful apps also which can help students to utilize their time in a most effective way.

Being a student I was also addicted to my smartphone and used to spend most of my time on a smartphone. As a result, my academic result started to fall and I started to lagging behind in my studies. But after sometimes I got an idea of why not to use my addiction of smartphone in an effective way that can help me in my studies.

After that I searched a lot related to useful apps for students and today I’m going to share what I got and among them, I will cover five useful programs that a student must have in his/her smartphone.

Microsoft Office (free; iOS, Android, paid; Windows)

Nowadays Microsoft Office is considered as an important teaching material. Microsoft Office is another program which is must to have for students. All the assignments and presentation can be done easily and beautifully by using it. From my personal experience, I can say that after using it for doing my assignment regularly not only it allowed me to do them quickly but also I gained the knowledge of grammar and able to correct my spellings. By the way, sometimes we suffer a lot to write a perfect essay which is given as an assignment from our schools or college, for doing it you can simply seek the help from fast custom essay writing service as they can help you write a proper and perfect suitable essay for you.

Most of the office apps are free of cost and available for iOS, Android and for windows. But if you want to use the full features of Microsoft Office then you have to go for the paid premium version of it.

Office Lens (free; iOS, Android, Windows)

Office Lens is an app from Microsoft. I must admit it is an amazing app as using it we can take pictures of any text from anywhere like from whiteboard, blackboard, magazine, receipts and may more and simply can convert them into editable, shareable text. Moreover, this app allows to take images from angle and process it correctly and enhance the beautify so that you can read it properly.

This app helps to convert their class notes photo into a scanned format which latterly helps them to print them whenever they need. You can also save your taken images as PDFs, Word or PowerPoint files. 

Google Drive (Android, iOS) and Dropbox (Android, iOS)

Sometimes some notes need to be preserved for a long time and for doing it the simplest and safest way is to preserve them on cloud storage. Google Drive and Dropbox are considered as the best two cloud storage apps as they are free and a great place to keep your notes as long as you want.

Alarmy: Sleep If You Can

The most common problem in student’s life to wake up in the morning at a proper time. Sometimes students miss their valuable classes and even exam due to this sleep problem. To avoid this problem and to wake up at the proper time most of us use typical alarm apps to do the job and the consequences are known to you. I was also a sufferer of this sleep problem as a result, I had missed some of my classes and exam. But after using Alarmy Sleep If You Can app I have never missed any of my classes and exams. This app has a unique alarm system, if you want to dismiss the alarm you need to take a picture that you set specifically before or you need to shake the phone up and down a number of times. Alarmy also gives weather updates so that you can decide earlier whether you need to carry an umbrella or not. 

MyHomework Student Planner (Android)

Remembering every class schedules, assignments, project deadlines and grades is not an easy task. You can use a planner app to do all these staffs. Among all the planner apps my personal favorite is MyHomework Student Planner as it helps to organize all schedules properly and give you a proper reminder to finish them as early as possible. Although this app is only available for android you can also look for iStudiez a similar app for iOS.

Oxford English Dictionary

Having a good vocabulary is very important for a student. If you want to increase your vocabulary stocks and want to know more about words and their origin, then there is no alternative to this dictionary. Among all the dictionary I personally prefer Oxford English Dictionary, having this app on your mobile you can look up words whenever you are free or even traveling to anywhere. There is a free version with adverts or you can use the paid premium version without ads.

Finally, I would like to tell you that try to use your smartphones in a smart way as an educational material. By using these apps, I hope you can easily use your time properly. Which app are you considering most important for you? Don’t forget to comment us in our comment section to let us know your favorite app and you can also let us know if we have missed any useful apps that can be beneficial for students.

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