Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A Comprehensive Guide to Travelling with a Drone

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Traveling with a drone is a tricky task. There are certain things which you need to know before actually experiencing the situation. If you are fully prepared for every sort of situation you might experience then it would cause you less inconvenience. You need to do some homework and also know about technicalities involved once you fly your drone to an exotic area. Below mentioned are some tip that will definitely help you.

Make a list:

The first thing you must do before traveling is to make a checklist. It is important to have it because once you are traveling there are a lot of things on your mind. You might forget as small a thing as an SD card and it would create inconvenience. So make sure you have the drone, the batteries, the charger, the SD cards etc. you can either write them down or make a soft copy on your cell phones and double check before you leave the house.

Know about the aviation rules and laws of your destination:

Once you decide the place to which you are going you have to do some homework i.e. you need to know about the aviation laws of the area. There are some basic shared laws of every country like avoid crowded places, do not fly in the commercial zones or in the cities or avoid certain buildings etc. You need to know about them to avoid any inconvenience in future.

Set up location:

Always research the location before actually going there. You need to know about the landmarks or scenery. You can use Google maps or search on the internet about the area which you are going to visit and capture.

Specified Drone bag:
As drones are getting smaller and smaller in size you might not want to put it in your main luggage as not to harm or destroy it. So it is advisable to have a separate bag for the drone. It would prevent it getting mishandled and damaged.

Always carry your drone in hand carry:

While passing through security checks it is advisable to carry your drone with you. In that case, you can reopen your bag and have it checked as many times as they want it to be without any unnecessary delays.

Choose several perspectives:
While capturing through your drone at an exotic place, always remember to capture from at least 3 different perspectives. To enhance the footage you can get a sharper image drone and capture from wider perspectives.

Keep drone in front of your eyes:

This is also important. Direct video streaming is good as long as it works properly. Once you lose sight of your drone and the signal gets disrupted you might lose the drone. If it is in front of your sight you can prevent it from getting lost. 


These were a few things which are must-dos if you are traveling with your drone for the first time. In addition to that make the best out of your time. Fly your drone for the extra time. Get used to with the surroundings. Capture on selected times like early morning or sunset to get the best images as possible.

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