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Types of Projects and Their Main Characteristics: A Guide for Students

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Normally, every student is required to work on at least one project during his or her education.

Projects in a campus environment cannot be treated like projects in a high school environment.

Students are required to work on professional campus projects as possible, adjusting what they will face in the world of work. But many of them do not realize how to achieve systematization on campus projects. This article will explain the types of projects and what to do to ensure they are professionally done.

Every project is born of a need and is aimed at achieving a result within a limited time, with a beginning, an end and some objectives that determine the scope and resources of it. Each project is unique, since it does not involve a routine operation but a specific set of operations. That is why there are many types of projects and it is common for a project team to often include people who normally do not work together because they come from different organizations or come from different geographical locations.

This and other peculiarities of a project make it necessary to be managed and guided by experts to deliver the results within the budget, the deadline and the quality that have been foreseen and always providing learning. Hence the importance of good project management, which is the application of knowledge, skills and techniques for effective and efficient execution. It can also be understood as a strategic competence for organizations, since it allows them to link the results of the project to business objectives and, therefore, compete better and strengthen a stronger market position.

The project management processes are divided into five groups applicable to all types of projects: preparation, planning, execution, monitoring and delivery. The knowledge involved in project management is based on ten areas: 

Scope: refers to the impact that the project has on the environment in which it operates. For example, the number of people addressed or the incidence of the results obtained from its execution.

Time: the short, medium or long term also determine the management of a project, as well as the phases or iterations in which it is divided.

Integration: knowing how to integrate tasks, classify them and find a sequence between them is fundamental for the management and achievement of results in the execution of a project. The best example is the IT project. Most IT projects require integration between design, technology, user tastes, and budgets that all require integration-based management. Therefore, most professional IT projects use professional help that can be found over the Internet. 

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Cost: the measurement of costs allows us to have an idea of ​the budget that we must have to guarantee the continuity, sustainability and viability of the planned actions.

Quality: the results of a project cannot be of any kind. They must respond to quality standards and the main objectives.

Shareholder management: they are those who support the project and its execution in some way. Project management must also manage the contributions they make and implement their decisions.

Communications: knowing how to transmit messages is a fundamental task for the integration of tasks and good execution.

Risk management: it is essential that we know what we are facing while managing a project: risks, threats, external factors, etc.

Human resources: it is necessary to manage the technical and technological resources on which the tasks are supported; we must do the same with the personnel who execute the tasks.

Supply: the channels of resources, raw materials and other elements necessary for the start-up of tasks must be guaranteed. Otherwise, the project will lose continuity.

What are the main types of projects?

When talking about a project it is always necessary to specify something else that allows defining the area or sector where their competences will be developed. There are many types of projects, but the most common are:

Simple projects: those whose tasks do not have too much complexity and which can be done in a relatively short time.

Complex projects: those that demand more planning or whose tasks are numerous and require an organization. The high-speed train in Mecca is a good example.

Whatever your project, you should make sure it's done in a clear workflow. It is important for you to ask for professional help if the quality of your project is completely non-negotiable.

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