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Eden Queso de Bola Flavor: Exclusive Only for this Holiday Season!

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I'm the designated pancake chef in our home since I am the only one who could almost perfectly cook a pancake with less spills, no burnt and acceptably circular in shape. I also  creatively use other ingredients to upgrade my cooking by adding raisins, choco chips, salted egg slices, and cheese while the pancake is still in the frying fan. The additional flavoring adds to the overall beauty and taste of our favorite breakfast dish every weekend. The butter and maple or honey syrup goes on top for the final touch when the pancakes are already on the plates. I must say I mastered pancake cooking!

But it is not only in pancakes where I use cheese as special ingredients to perk up the taste. All my pasta dishes are never without cheese. Also my main dishes like "Hamonado" or "Cordon Bleu" would always be better if it had more cheese in it. Likewise, all my dessert creations must have cheese to make it the best of its kind "Buko Salad".

But I don't settle for just any brand of cheese. I've tried most brands out there in the Philippine local market and I could say that the best is undoubtedly Eden. Not only is it perfect for the Filipino taste, it is also very affordable. This is why cheese would always be part of our everyday routine from morning until night time especially during weekends when almost everyone is at home enjoying a movie marathon or just lounging over hot coffee or choco while reading the latest news online.

One small rectangular block of cheese would only last for a day with us so we would often buy the bigger size to last us at least a week. But it disappears quickly especially when there's a special occasion celebrated by the family like a birthday or anniversary.

We are indeed a "cheesy" family that Eden has been a common sight in our fridge. It goes well in just about everything and we continue to discover more tasty ways to add it to our new dishes, or simply eat it on its own when we feel like munching on pure cheese ecstasy.

Now that Eden Queso De Bola has been introduced, we have a new flavor to try...and we are excited to get our hands and taste buds on it as soon as possible. But since it will only be available until end of December this year 2017, we may find ourselves stocking up on cheese again.

Can we say "cheese" now? I'm betting we'll find it harder when our mouths are full of the new Queso de Bola flavor!

The Eden Queso de Bola media launch had Raymund Marasigan treating us with three of his famous songs where most of us sang along with him (at least with some of the most memorable lyrics). The event also had Chef DJ and artist Wiji Lacsamana doing a demo on how we could all be creative both in the kitchen and in our playroom (arts and crafts). the event was hosted by Issa Litton and another guy from the Mondelez management.

My effort in being creative with some markers and shaped papers, while a block of Eden cheese was beside so I could copy the Eden logo, and some cheese decorated in different shapes. The styro cups contained bits of the three dishes shown to us by the chef.

The Eden QDB is priced at P59 SRP for the 165g pack and P159 SRP for the bigger 440g carton.

Question and answer portion with Carlo Licuanan, Mondelez’s Southeast Asia and China Marketing Director for the Meals category and Michelle Gan, Mondelez Philippines’ Category Lead for Meals.

Below is the official press release from the event:

Eden Cheese strengthens market leadership with exciting Queso de Bola flavor for Christmas

SAY CHEESE! Upgrade your Pinoy Christmas traditions with the new and affordable

Eden Queso de Bola flavor, exclusive only for this Holiday season! It is the first flavor innovation by Eden exclusively for Christmas and is proudly developed in the Philippines.

For the first time in its 36-year history, Eden Cheese, the market leader in the Philippines cheese category, introduces a new flavor innovation exclusive for Christmas, the most awaited Filipino Holiday, with the Eden Queso De Bola (QDB) flavor. Proudly developed and produced by Mondelez Philippines, Eden Cheese aims to strengthen its market leadership position through Eden’s deep understanding of the Filipino consumers’ taste preference, especially during Christmas.

Carlo Licuanan, Mondelez’s Southeast Asia and China Marketing Director for the Meals category shares that this move is a step to hopefully grow the carton cheese category. “As a pioneer and the market leader of the carton cheese category, we want to accelerate our growth and that of the category by providing a new taste, innovation and experience for consumers to enjoy. We take pride in launching our Queso de Bola-flavored Eden Cheese. It is the first flavor innovation by Eden exclusively for Christmas and is proudly developed right here in the Philippines. We put great value in our product that not only reflects the traditional and memorable ‘Paskong Pinoy’ (Filipino Christmas) but also is sensitive to the pockets of Filipinos. Eden QDB, at P59 SRP for the 165g pack and P159 SRP for the bigger 440g carton, can now grace the table of every Filipino family during Noche Buena and any occasion for family gatherings.”

As the marketer of globally iconic snack brands such as Cheez Whiz, Cadbury Dairy Milk and Oreo cookies to name a few, Mondelez Philippines tapped its global expertise in food innovation to develop the new cheese flavor that will help upgrade Pinoy Christmas traditions. “We believe that by introducing this new flavor in the carton cheese category, we are opening more possibilities for our consumers to upgrade their Christmas dishes and provide a whole new level of food enjoyment with their families this coming holiday season,” says Michelle Gan, Mondelez Philippines’ Category Lead for Meals. “Eden has already become a Christmas food staple by making holiday dishes more delicious through its creamy taste. However, we want to further entice the hearts and palates of Filipinos by combining a classic Christmas cheese product which is the Queso de Bola, together with the taste preference of Filipinos who look for that rich and creamy texture in their cheese. Now moms can have a wider opportunity to upgrade their Christmas food specialties—from cheese appetizers to spaghetti, from a traditional pan de sal and cheese to the special Caldereta and even Buko Salad—using our Eden Queso de Bola flavor.”

Eden Queso de Bola flavor is a limited edition product and is available only until the end of the Christmas holidays.

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