Monday, July 17, 2017

What Defines a Blogger?: Scrutinizing the Loud and Proud Online Influencers

Wazzup Pilipinas!

People should realize that "blogging" is not limited to the "blog site" alone. There's social media promotions, media partnerships, events and PR management, foreign partnerships and collaborations, brand campaigns, traditional media affiliations, actual engagement with people, and a lot more.

Our influence as bloggers is not confined within our blogs alone. So it is not fair to judge a blogger based on just a single platform. We do not limit our campaigns on our blog so it is not the entire manifestation of our capabilities and performance.

There are so many high-ranking blogs out there but their content is appalling for being full of refurbished viral and trending issues, showbiz rumors and controversies, exaggerated and click-bait articles, etc.. - things that we do not we try our best to come out with only quality, decent and worthwhile news and features. We do not wish to contribute to the further dumbing down of the masses.

We pity those who event make efforts to discredit us by sharing incomplete facts and falsified news, especially feel sorry for those who would even badmouth us to potential partners and collaborators. We deplore those who harass others just to gain an upper-hand in this community. 

Remember that those who uplift themselves by putting down others deserve our most sincere prayers for they must be terribly lonely and thus calling out for some attention.

They may gain something for the moment, but they cannot honestly be proud of themselves for the bad deeds they have done to attain their accomplishments.
Wazzup Pilipinas will remain aligned to feature better stories that will educate, empower and inspire.

Do you think it's right and ethical for this online publication to keep harassing brands, companies, organizations, etc., by sending them messages that they do not wish to be co-media partners with other publications not belonging to the Top 100?

We received more reports of what this online publication is doing and we are not afraid to expose them if they continue this unfair media practice. They are seemingly blackmailing others implying that "It's either you pick us, or we get out of the partnership with you!"

Claiming to be on the lead spot belonging to the Top 100 online publications, our PR and event organizer friends could only express their disappointment and pity to to their disgraceful actions.

May they be enlightened of their wrongful acts. Let us pray for them, and wish them all the happiness, because it seems they are lonely at the top.

Do you also think it's right for others to try to ruin your reputation by initiating efforts to discredit your capabilities?

Other bloggers have reported some people who intend to harm our credibility by spreading falsified rumors about us.

We are so sorry for all our bashers and detractors, because whatever they do, they could only fool the gullible and weak-minded who are too lazy and stubborn to find out the real story.

Those who block others to opportunities are obviously damaged and threatened by competition.We have never intend to compete with fellow bloggers or media as we only work diligently on our own creative space. But we continue to wish them all the luck so they could at least be a bit happier with their lifetime of hate and envy.

Wazzup Pilipinas will continue to stand-out and emerge triumphant amidst all their fabricated lies caused by their idle minds.

Many bloggers have confided to us that there are these shady group of bloggers that are trying to persuade them to stay away from the Wazzup Pilipinas group. If they could not convince them, they've been trying their best to prevent bloggers not siding or connected within their circle from getting invited to some events, even to the point of approaching PRs and event organizers, and sharing falsified stories. Some bloggers are getting annoyed and afraid because who knows what these misfits have been doing to keep the opportunities to themselves.

We commend the bloggers who have been strong enough to resist the temptation of siding with them, and we are grateful we are always notified of the negative deeds.

Opportunists are those who would capitalize on even the little mistakes like TYPOS, MISQUOTES, or GRAMMATICAL ERRORS, to EXAGGERATE and spread damaging fake news.

This is why government officials are wary of speaking freely to the public or media because they are afraid their statements would be misinterpreted or given a different meaning.

When we don't understand or find something odd or unbelievable, we should simply ask the person(s) concerned or involved.

We don't make a public announcement immediately. We verify our findings first if they are conclusive and without errors.

Those who make a commotion without any consultation are usually those who have vested interests.

Our message to all our detractors:

"Reach out na lang kayo sa amin and bigyan namin kayo ng events coverage para maging busy at masaya rin naman kayo. Ganyan talaga nangyayari kapag wala kayong pinagkakaabalahan. Stop pulling down others you see as successful, because karma can be a bitch if you play unfair."

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  1. Naku. Sila pa daw mga magagaling pero mahilig manira at mag tsismisan. I don't care how many prs and brands love them if maninira lang din sila. Bagsak kaagad yan sa akin. We write too for the love of art and writing not just to suck up to the big time companies. Blogging is really a way to express ourselves freely and hopefully in a mutual respect environment however it has come to a toxic level nowadays that is why we need to do other forms of media to take a break from this crabby world of blogging.

  2. The moment #blogging becomes a "business" is the time when it starts losing its name. In my opinion blogging should be personal, positive and proactive. We write for the love of writing and its art - not to just simply getting paid by big companies - thus end up losing our true north. May we continue to strive better in our field in a supportive and collaborative manner and not that type of crab mentality. God bless us all.

  3. Hello, ako nag sisimula palang maging blogger , at nag babasakaling magkaroon ng mga guest blogger sa website ko hehehe


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