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Brown&Proud: The Movement To Empower

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Solid Group Inc., is a 70 year old business legacy that has been publicly listed since 1996. A group that has pioneered with brands like Sony, Samsung, Aiwa, TCL, Sanyo, Kia Motors, Panasonic and the likes. SG Inc. is also supposed to have pioneered broad band cable- DESTINY.

The first Filipino phone brand – “MyPhone” was introduced by SG Inc., an affordable phone brand and has been in the mobile phone market for the last 10 years. Year 2016 showed a sale of 6 million MyPhones according to Mr. David Lim, owner of MyPhone.

BROWN is the company’s newest brand of premium line of mobile phones and other associated gadgets and products, whose product development strategy is based on using the system of “Internet of Things” (IOT). IOT simply explained is a system of technology where equipments talk to each other. It is the interconnection by the internet, of devices and objects used on a daily basis, such as being able to turn off lights using your phone while you are travelling, refrigerators can communicate and let u know on your phone what is needed to be bought from the market etc.

David Lim, the brand owner, says that Brown Phone and MyPhone are up against a lot of foreign brands but his brand’s claim to fame is it’s a Filipino created brand, by a company who pays up all its taxes and has the backing of a 70 year old company!

David Lim believes that his brand MyPhone has been a part of nation building with pride and dignity, especially by making phones affordable to the mass. Despite getting mixed feedback to have the map behind MyPhone, Lim states that it’s been a pride. With Brown Phones, the strategy has been extremely aggressive in every way, yet with a conviction to change the Filipino mind set! All the ODMs (Original design manufacturers) “Brown” has partnered with are only of the quality of the highest brand in the world.

When the company decided to go into Multi Level it was a challenge because there was a certain stigma with MLM. But Lim looked at it as an opportunity to change things. MyPhone claims that they have one of the biggest after sales service network in the country today with close to 50 sales service center networks. Lim’s conviction to go the IOT route is his belief to be a part of nation building, making a difference, empowering Filipinos and giving back to the country. He believes that his strong after sales service will not leave his customers hanging. He looks forward positively in changing the Filipino mind-set that foreign brands are better.

Why MLM-

Brown as a project started 5 years ago and it took two years of understanding and to redefine MLM. Lim pleads to not generalize “Multi Level”. He goes on to saying that, when two phones that cost the same are available in the market, one phone would be “luho” while his brand of Brown phones can help one earn as well as have high standard features in the phone. The brand has entered the market to be positively disruptive in the phone industry and also MLM and he hopes that people don’t look at it as just selling phones.

One has to be 18 and have a TIN number to be a member of Brown. MyPhone will continue to serve the masa as the affordable one and Brown phones will be the counterpart. Quality and standard of Brown Phones will be much higher than MyPhone.

Brown products that are going to be introduced this year; Brown 1, Brown 2 and Brown Tab 1. Technology partners and logistics partners for Brown products are going to be; Google, Foxconn, Adups, Ovvi, Bestone, FCI, Air21, Ninja Van and more.

These products will be sold online and will be delivered directly to the customer, using a Rewards Driven Network Marketing System that will help the customer also earn his bucks.

The Brown Tree

How to make your buck?

The Brown tree is a personal marketing system where a qualified “Brown Member” can earn “Peso Rewards” by promoting membership and purchase of Brown Products.

· Go online to
· Click on “Join the Movement”
· Register by clicking on “Register”
· While registering fill in the referrer/Upline code of the one who referred you to buy the product.
· And you can buy the product online.

Two ways of earning in a Brown Tree:

1. Direct Referral Reward
2. Pairing Reward

Direct Referral Reward- A customer buys a “Brown” product online and he/she keys in the referral code of the friend who referred to buy the product. The friend whose referral code the customer has listed, directly gets paid 500 pesos which gets credited into the referred person’s debit card. Hence a person earns 500 pesos every time he/she recruits someone to buy a Brown Product. Upon receiving the phone, the customer gets his own “Referral code/number”.

Pairing Reward- Every time you get two people to buy a Brown Product, you again get paid 500 pesos.

Which means in addition to a direct referral reward, you also get your pairing reward. 

If a Brown Referral Tree reaches 12 levels which is 4,095 members, the total Referral Rewards is P2,047,000 entirely in that tree. However the tree can have as many levels as one can create, it’s limitless as told by Mr. David Lim. And if a Brown Pairing Tree has 12 levels, there are 2,047 pairs and a total of P1,023,500 in that system.

If you get 6 pairs by referring, you would practically break even with the cost of your phone.

The system is designed for you to make money as easily and fast as possible as it will automatically align your referrals as pairs and is designed to “auto fill”.

The quality of the phone and the selling price have been kept equivalent and not exorbitant like other MLM products is what the president of Solid Manila Incorporation, Mr. Beda T. Manalac claims. “The vision of “Brown is much bigger than just selling phones. We want to create a community, a whole eco system with you” Mr. Manalac emphasized.

For this movement, Brown products have partnered with Union Bank making everything online and electronic by using Union Bank’s Eon card. Rewards will go directly to your eon card account which can be used as a debit card. With the help of this Eon Debit card, you can pay your bills online, you can withdraw money from an ATM, also enable you to shop online and offline as well and also you can load up your pre-paid cards.

Brown phones will be implementing NFC and QR code readers very soon. A future of having to pay P2P buses and trains by just tapping your phones will be a possibility in the near future by just using your brown phones. This movement also creates the ability to send, transfer and invest money online.

There is an online dash board, which will show you your tree, so you can see how your sales is doing.

“This is a system that is all online from the beginning to the end. You yourself are a personal mobile phone store, where in you don’t need a physical shop” explains Manalac. Online sales have boomed than store sales, already in places like Europe, he says and this is what the future is going to be.

Brown & Proud also has a vision to enable crowd funding on the Brown & Proud platform amongst the Brown Phone family calling it the New Generation BAYANIHAN. This is a platform that would help young people to get funding for their project through the Brown Community.

Brown & Proud Publishing Portal –

“If 250 people sell one tree (12 levels), that would be 1 million Brown phone users already.” according to Manalac.

This portal would push stories, articles and other content of the Brown Phone families, more like a magazine on the phone. Preview of the content would be shown as notification on the front of the phone screen like a wall paper when you turn on the phone. And if you’re interested in it, you tinder! Or rather you swipe left to read and it will go into the link of the article. You can also create other links, like linking it to Facebook live etc. to throw different content to the customers, viewers, readers etc. A business person can also create a link to one’s products to sell on this portal. It’s a connected eco system for you and your readers. It’s a portal that combines live videos, E-magazines, M-commerce and financial technology (FinTech). All this comes as an application that the phone would already have in it- Bown&Proud.

As for me, I am curious to see how far this movement would work in its true sense. It is a sense of excitement as to what all can one do using the power of IOT. And as far as earning that extra buck, well who wouldn’t want to! Especially if it’s not too complicated, but yes it does come with a price! (The cost of your Brown Phone).

Written by Vaishali Ray
Photos by Pablo Reyes

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