Tuesday, July 18, 2017

#WeWantUberGrab: LTFRB Defies Logic By Saying Uber and Grab Are Unsafe

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"I used to ride regular taxis alone every single day to get around, and on most days, they did NOT make me feel safe. Über and Grab have made commuting so much safer, easier, and more convenient. Anyone who actually uses them would know." - Coleen Garcia

Many voices are now banding together to actively promote the hashtag #WeWantUberGrab because of a recent statement from LTFRB board member Aileen Lizada: "Kailangang higpitan ang Uber at Grab para maging kasing-safe sila ng ibang sasakyang may prangkisa tulad ng mga taxi, bus at jeepney."

"I hope that conclusion was something that she culled from a daily commuter's experience. Otherwise, her definition of what is safe sounds truy unsafe and seriously alarming." Prim Paypon

Taxi, jeep and bus are SAFER? I dare every personnel from LTFRB to commute everyday in one week. Then, decide.

I really don't get it why our country wants to keep moving backward. When we finally found convenience in this hassle-full world, a government agency starts coming up with a comical statement. As usual, the government wants to "fix" what is not broken in the first place. Or were they really the actual cause of what they perceive as broken?

Tolerating "colorums" with Uber and Grab not having necessary permits? The issue those permits! They deserve to be legalized more than the ordinary taxi cabs. When a solution is there already rolling, here comes these people ready to sabotage it.

In reality, Uber and Grab gives the service we need. LTFRB doesn't. So who's supposed to adjust?

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) should be serving the riding public, not the grossly outdated, greedy sector. The service provided by Uber and Grab is hassle free, more convenient and safer. We deserve better LTFRB. Don't deprive us of our needs.

Stop bureaucracy inside your agency and work for the better interest of the riding public and not for your wallets.

How can the government say that Public Utility Vehicles (PUVs) are safer than Grab and Uber when they hardly even use any of the m? Many of them are serviced by government-owned vehicles or their private cars with driver and gasoline allowance and everything else to make their transportation needs convenient.

Grab and Uber don't discriminate passengers unlike in most taxis who will tend to choose their passengers, decline if they do not like the destination, or ask for extra payment giving lame excuses like traffic congestion is bad, they need to have lunch, they need to fetch a passenger somewhere else, etc. After a long hard day at work, we don't deserve drivers who ask for a large amount of money to be added to the metered fare, or decline us for whatever reason. All we want to do after a long day is go home without worrying about getting mugged, raped, or......killed.

Why do we like Uber and Grab? Polite riders, riders know the driver's name, well-maintained cars, good customer support, and a lot more!

Ever since I got to try riding either Uber or Grab, I never want to take a taxi cab ever again! Real talk, most taxi drivers are scary. I honestly don't even know how I'm gonna get around Manila without Uber or Grab. The Waze feature also provides traffic-free travel options so we are sure to arrive at our destination the best way possible.

I don't need to worry how much the fare will cost me during a long trip. I already know how much to pay prior to booking a ride. I can even rate their service and efficiency with the mobile app.

We could even ask them to pick up anybody like our older relatives and friends who doesn't know how to use the mobile app, and also track their safety at the same time. Will ordinary taxi cabs do that?

When I don't have cash on hand, I can pay using my credit card when I ride an Uber or Grab. Is that possible for ordinary taxi cabs?

The better solution is for LTFRB to resume the issuance of permits to both Uber and Grab. Let the public choose which mode of transport they want.

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