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Master Joseph Chau Kam Shing and his Feng Shui Predictions

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With the coming of the Chinese New Year this 28th of January, we see the familiar images all over the Metro - like "tikoys" (Nian gao sometimes translated as year cake or Chinese New Year's cake) of different shapes, colors and sizes. There are also the other familiar items that you'll find an abundance in Binondo or Chinatown in Manila designed to bring you luck and fortune. I could tell you that there would be many who would do a food, site and/or temple tour within these days, especially at the actual night when fireworks will once again lit the skies.

Not to be confused with fortune telling, is Feng Shui, a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. This is something like putting everything in its rightful place. There also seems to be several ways to receive luck and fortune using this practice, and thus Feng Shui masters are also very popular during the Chinese New Year season.

Since most Chinese, may it be pure or Tsinoy, are affluent or rich, and very much successful in business, there's probably nothing wrong in following this age-old tradition.

Will we be lucky this year?

Now that this is the Year of the Fire Rooster, 2017 for me might be sort of lucky or unlucky as I tend to get confused when so many "masters" say different "fortunes." But Master Chau explained that he is only into Feng Shui and not in fortune telling. He did told us that there are many who try to master everything from Feng Shui to Fortune Telling - Jack of All Trades? Master of None?

When I interviewed a celebrity if she believes in Feng Shui, she said she's Chinese so she believes, and also because her mother believes. But she refuses to comment about it on a video interview since she is afraid to get bashed if people see that she does not follow everything as advised by Feng Shui experts.

For her it is a sensitive topic that should remain her personal point of view. It might be true as Science will once again tell us everything has a scientific and logical explanation, just as how they would point out that we evolved (from monkeys) and were never made out from clay.

My interview with Master Joseph Chau Kam Shing after his Feng Shui Predictions talk and book signing revealed that he got into the mastery of Feng Shui because he wanted to learn for himself, and eventually wanted to help people live a better life.

During his talk, he told us we were all lucky because we are there to listen to him, instead of being with other so called Feng Shui experts who are probably fake. At the end of his talk, he even blessed us with water using a branch with leaves, before he started his book signing.

I have everything on video so please do watch out for most of it at our YouTube channel, and some of it here embedded in this blog post. As I upload the videos, please do settle for the meantime with this story.

Based in Hong Kong and married to a Filipina, Master Chau visits the Philippines on a monthly basis. I guess he knows how to deal with Filipinos because of her wife, and I'm sure he is happily married because Pinays are really one of the most ideal wives you can fall in love with forever.

Thank you to SM Makati for inviting Wazzup Pilipinas and giving us a copy of Master Chau's book. We got it personally signed plus a bonus video interview. This means I will be reading the book soon since I do want to learn how to make my life a lot more harmonious.

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