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5 Ways Social Media is Affecting Us Right Now

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Social media is very much part of anyone’s daily lives. It is used to keep the world updated about one’s life or to connect with people half way across the globe or to read the news or to even present one’s opinions to the world. A study from iPrice has found that people at least spend an average of 109 minutes a day on social media and have an average of 5 social media accounts. Astonishing, isn’t it?

With social media playing such a big role in many people’s lives, there are bound to be effects on society, be it positive or negative. So here are a few major effects that social media has on one’s life:

Always Keeping You Informed

With social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, people find it so much easier now to be updated with the news as well as the latest trends. The social media platforms make it easy for users to learn about the main idea of a news story (and they can research more about it later on if they wish) or to even get immediate updates about a local disaster. Any frequent user of Facebook would be pleased to know that the social media site has launched a Safety Check service. This service allows people to notify their friends and family that they are safe, if there is human conflict or a natural disaster occurring in their nearby vicinity.

All for a Good Cause

As it is so easy to just share things on social media, NGOs can easily use social media to promote welfare activities or to even ask for donations. Not only that, social media platforms can even be used to create awareness that can be beneficial to others. As the platforms are always free and easy to use, social media gives everyone the chance to voice their own opinions about a subject, allowing everyone to view things from different perspectives. It also allows people to be more aware of the various issues around the globe, making people smarter and better informed.

Expanding Your Networking Circle

With the appearance of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it is gotten a whole lot easier for people across the globe to connect with each other. One may be on vacation a thousand miles away, but with the existence of social media, he/she can share photos with the folks back home with just a click of the button (and of course good Internet connection!). Not only that, anyone can use social media to expand one’s social circle. From to making new friends and reconnecting with old ones to finding love or even a job, social media is there to make things a lot easier to connect with other people!

Changing the Rules of Love the Wrong Way

With today’s world being so addicted to social media, it is no surprise these platforms are creating extra stress on relationships. While it is easy to find the One with the help of social media, it is just as easy to lose said person due to unnecessary conflicts that are created by social media platforms. In fact, social media platforms like Facebook can be a source of jealousy and anxiety for couples that decide to integrate themselves into each other’s online social media life. While it is easy to find if one’s other half has been cheating, it is just as easy for misunderstandings to occur as it is never easy to fully know all of one’s partner’s Facebook friends or to understand the nature of those relationships.

Where Bullying takes a Whole New Meaning

While bullying isn’t something new, social media and the Internet have definitely changed it over the years. Many years ago, before the appearance of social media, bullying would take place at schools or in neighborhoods. But these days, you don’t have to be near someone in order to bully them. In fact, social media has made it easy for people to bully others even if they are half way around the world. So acts must a person do in order for it to be considered as bullying on social media? As Facebook is the most common platform for bullying to occur on, actions like commenting negatively on a person’s pictures, posting abusive posts on a user’s wall or even making pictures/videos to make fun of another user can be considered as bullying.

Like with almost anything in life, there will be good sides and bad sides to social media. However, the pros definitely do outweigh the cons in this situation. It can definitely help people feel closer to other parts of the world as well as give any individual a wider perspective on the diverse mix of issues and views from around the world.

Contributed by Natalie Tai
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