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Should Blogs Be Trusted?: When Bloggers Are Questioned of Their Credibility

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"Do you trust blogs?"

The answer to the question has evolved and now depends on how a blogger perceives the meaning of a "blog" and why he or she blogs.

Many have also accepted sponsored or organized events that some people may think a blogger would be less critical of his opinions or reviews because of "utang na loob" and the fear of being banned or blacklisted if he or she would be mean in his or her blog article.

Some would even say that those who ask for payment or any form of compensation are even less trustworthy since we cannot expect them to be fair and they could not help to be biased.

But some would also disagree since blogging has become a very powerful promotional tool for information dissemination and awareness, if a company or brand would ask for our help in spreading the news or stories about their product or service, that is already considered like hiring or recruiting for a service.

Thus bloggers, if cannot be fairly or equally compensated, deserve at least something for their efforts, and even more if there is a request for an extensive brand campaign that is beyond a blogger's usual task.

Also, when some people try to implement a set of standards and ethics, there would be those who would ridicule others if they differ in style or ways in blogging. Bloggers get bullied if they seem to go beyond what's natural. The sad part is some "uzi" bloggers would even fan the flames instead of working on reconciling and healing the wounds.

People forget the fact that blogs were originally a personal journal thus it should be uniquely our own, and no one should dictate on how we should run our blogs.

If we decide to make it financially rewarding through any means possible, should we be criticized for wanting this bonus to our hobby or past time? Should we care if others seem to be wrongly motivated, or with questionable intentions? Could we really identify who is harming the blogging community? Should we believe the seemingly self-righteous who police our ranks? or are they the real ones who shame the community by exaggerating on their accusations against fellow bloggers?

Most bloggers also don't have any formal training or education on blogging for there isn't any industry-accepted "blogging course" unlike most journalists who have degrees to boast of. Thus, many bloggers write with their own personal style in mind, and equipped only by their own knowledge or expertise, or also the lack of both. They would have been differently influenced, and have their own personal motivations on why they blog. Should we look down on them if they fail in grammar or sentence construction? Should we laugh at them if they seem to know nothing of the topic? Should we rant against them if they do something we feel is unethical or obnoxiously insensitive?

However, many would tend to blend or adapt to conform to the norm or become neutral to avoid conflicts, those who try to go against the status quo are seen as weird, crazy or a trouble-maker. Some would ignore or never interfere. I praise those who try to mediate and understand both sides.

Bloggers are influencers. Our readers get information and ideas from our blogs. Whatever we write there would somehow affect our readers directly or indirectly, thus it becomes a driving force in making decisions, whether critical or leisurely. We owe our readers the truth, but we cannot become fully truthful since our own personal desires, point of views, knowledge, emotional quotient and needs (may it be financial, social, or just the search for adventure or adrenaline rush) hinder our perception.

So should you trust blogs?

There is no absolute answer. Just keep in mind that there should never be any regrets for whatever decision we make. If we got influenced by a blog even though he has written an accurate, truthful and unbiased ---- or erroneous, fabricated and deceitful write-up, we should never blame the blogger for he is also not immune to making mistakes and wrong choices in life.

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