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Philippines' Songwriters, Poets and Mix Artists Perform at People's Park in the Sky of Tagaytay

Wazzup Pilipinas!

A group of independent musicians from different productions recently gathered for a music fest to entertain the many visitors of People's Park in the Sky on Easter Sunday (March 27, 2016). Not only did they aim to make the place feel livelier that day but they also worked for the goal of reviving interest of the public especially youth in our local homegrown music (and bands) as well as old OPM classics that some performers/bands performed that day to remind all of us of our good old music.

The group has been performing as street performers in Manila areas and organizing open mics for new artists since August 2015 and they succeeded in helping some to get to radio or be managed and showcased with now known mainstream bands. They have organized successful busking/street performance events in Dangwa Flower Market (October 22 and February 12), Intramuros (November 12), Mendiola (November 26) and Malate-Remedios Circle (January 19).

Their performance in Dangwa last October 22, 2015 has been covered by a TV network, whereas news team of other TV networks saw their busking performances last February 12, 2015 during the Valentine shopping spree. Their moving busking group has been very well received by watchers from Intramuros and even foreigners who saw the videos and one of their busker videos in Mendiola has gone viral with more than 400,000 views already on Facebook.

One of their colleagues, Martin Riggs Nunez, has also succeeded in getting the attention of Carlos Celdran when he did his solo busk in Plaza Lawton which eventually got him to be featured on a few TV shows and opening more awareness about their music revival goal.

They continue to do random street performances especially in Alabang Town Center, Divisoria, outside Intramuros areas, just to name a few, and even get more students/locals who watch and jam with them on events.

As we celebrate Easter Sunday on March 27, 2016, a group of musicians invited Wazzup Pilipinas to grace their Indie Music Festival at the People's Park in the Sky in Tagaytay City. The event took place from 8AM to 2PM (8AM set-up and play of recorded independent artist music, 9AM-2PM for live performances with 15 minute canned music breaks every one/two hours). The group eventually hopes to bring their music to more parts of the country in the future.

They are a self-supporting music movement so the show was free. They don't receive any talent fees and their expenses are from the labor and help of all the participating musicians and co-organizers. We also will invite visitors to perform with us on the said date.

Their goal to further promote Filipino music in the country and also use music as way to encourage tourism both for locals and foreigners is highly commendable.

Here is the story written by our correspondent Jayson Biadog about his experience with the group during their performance at the Peopl'es Park (or Palace) in the Sky of Tagaytay City.

On our way to Tagaytay city, our ride was the local Pinoy jeepney that is one of the iconic symbols of the Philippines. I was sent by the Pambansang Blogger, Ross Del Rosario. because he needed to be with his family on Easter Sunday.

It's good to travel and see the clouds early morning. At the cool breeze and highest peak of Tagaytay called People's Park in the Sky. I admire the leadership of Jessie Mendoza or known as "Atshara" for gathering the artists together and letting them express their passion at one of the mountains of Tagaytay. 

Jessie told me that they occasionally gather together to share music gigs and jam together for fun. At least every week on the streets of Manila, musicians with different instruments, age and nationality, are seen doing their thing.

They are united and supportive of each other. They also jam with lots of foreign artists of any music genre. He also told me how he met Ross on the Bicycle tour. That his work before as a travel tour guide had gone viral with more than a thousand visitors.

Also, I talked to some artist while we were waiting and seemingly floating on the clouds. With Kalyo and E Youth, they shared their insights about local OPM with me and the meaning behind their lyrics. They also shared their performance history and goal in promoting OPM music.

Some of these performers already have their own music videos and has performed with famous artists like Parokya ni Edgar and Wolfgang.

One of the guitarists told me that they feel restless if they don't get to scratch their guitars every day. Same with me, I feel bad If I can't be surfing the net for a day. Let's say a day or two of travel without net would irritate me.

The whole day performances were like an all around concert. They have multilingual performances using Chicano, Chinese, Taglish and Japanese. What impressed me more is their creativity with their own lyrics and how unique it was performed. That best describe its own unique artist identity.

To start with, during Set-up and Breaks, we witnessed the performances of these talented folks:

- Batugan (Kalyo) - Song dedicated to Juan Tamad or may sounds like Boloy.
- Like Magic (Jessy Justo)
- Andie (Just Like Us)
- Tattle Tales (The Soledads)
- Tulak (KKK)
- Friends Be With You (Yan Abelardo) 

To officially start the performances, the artists that performed were:

Paul Zialcita - opening on Sinawali - Great drum performance, I think its also good for Dragon Dance or Chinese New Year and Boat Race. With Arnis martial artist costume in bald mustache.

BK Francisco
- A Note About Her (ANA)
- Together by BK Francisco (Paul Zialcita and Jessie Mendoza on percussions)

- Babaero

The Soledads
- Come Together [The Beatles] - Sound likes a cool action soundtrack for me
- Himig Natin
- Original

Atshara (Jessie Mendoza, Antz Aguro on guitars, Taz Paras of The Soledads on drums)
- Blue Star
- Skyfall (Adele) - I like 007 performance and all of Adele's hits.
- 5 Years/Sanib (Sugar Hiccup/Atshara)

People's Park staff (Michelle, Antz Aguro on guitars)
- Musika (Asin)

Antz Aguro
- Munting Paraiso
- Ikaw Pa Rin Ang Tama (duet with Mishiru)
- I'm Yours/Lord Patawad (Jason Mraz/Basilyo) - Bagay sa Semana Santa

- Liwanag Sa Dilim (Rivermaya)
- Tatsulok (Bamboo) - My Paborito Bamboo
- Waiting

Thea Vito
- Train (ensemble performance with Kalyo and Anna Aquino)
- Kingdom
- Majika (Kitchie Nadalm ensemble performance with Kalyo, Atshara, Antz Aguro and Paul Zialcita)

- Chandelier (Antz Aguro on guitars, Atshara on percussions, Daniel Victor of Bliv on drums)

Ms Crystalline/Mishiru
- Chinito (Yeng Constantino)

A Couple from audience
- Oo (Up Dharma Down)

Justin Thyme
- "spanish songs" Mariachi - Reminds me of Antonio Banderas Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Truly guitarist would appreciate like Satriani.
- With Or Without You (U2) - Oh yeah men Bono!
- Halik (Aegis) - So what can you say fof a foriegner who sings tagalog songs well with an American slang? Entertaining.

E-Youth - Dont be confuse of the sexy tagalog slang. Haha
- Kailan Lang
- San Tayo Papunta
- Halalan (ensemble performance) - The best to be dedicated to all politicians.


HALALAN MV by E-YOUTH( ELECTED YOUTH with cool placards MTV.

Here's the link to Sofia Carpizo's busking video with us last November 26, 2015 where she sang Bulag, Pipi at Bingi (a Freddie Aguilar cover) in Mendiola. She was part of the unlisted lineup on poster but she finally confirmed not being able to join as she had a family event.

More photos can be found at our official Facebook fan page at

We will give more information soon about each band/artist on our next blog posts. 

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  1. Hi, the fun babaero performance was not from The Soledads. Soledads did Come Together, Himig Natin at original. The one who covered Babaero is another popular indie group called Kalyo.


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