Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Top Five Ways to Marketing Success According to Google's Ken Lingan at Mad World 2016

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We no longer go online. We now live online. There has never been a time when most of us find ourselves looking at our smartphones more than a hundred times a day so we can keep connected or informed.

With so many advances in mobile apps and social media technologies, and the continued affordability of smartphones and similar devices, it has now allowed people immediate access to get and share information instantly.  The immediate future seems so promising for all Marketing students because there's a bevy of tools they can use in their job.

However, it may have been so easy now to connect to consumers, yet never before has it been so hard to engage them because of so many competing products, and issues or events, around us. Since almost everyone has immediate access to obviously more affordable online media, there's a lot of clutter out there that we need to go through and clean up for our own purpose.

Ken Lingan, Country Manager of Google, believes that YouTube offers brands a creative canvas like no other. Though there has been a few other video channels, none can yet compare in reach with the one who pioneered personal video sharing, and has continued to innovate and expand itself by taking advantage of this very effective money-making online media.

He enumerates that brands that are doing it well usually draw from five (5) core themes:

1. Be Real - Authenticity is key. It's OK to cut the crap. If anything, people will like you more.

2. Get Them Talking - What's your story? Tell us something we can really care about.

3. Mess with the Format - Understand the rules before you break them.

4. Play Well with Others - Work with talents who know your audience and embrace the medium.

5. Keep a Good Thing Going - Is it sustainable? Can more content be created around it?

Ken showed several videos to effectively express and convey what he means by these marketing strategies. True enough, the videos have gone viral by touching the minds and hearts of the viewers. Though many of the videos shown were produced by a company, almost anybody can create their own product and make it trend worldwide if you follow these five basic methods.

There is no doubt that both Google and YouTube will continue to change the way people communicate and get information. Through the help of other equally innovative ideas spearheaded by the top and emerging bright minds and by partnering with leading and rising brands, the future continues to be not so distant anymore, since everything happens so fast that the future quickly becomes the present for many of us.

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