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Jennylyn Mercado: Ten Reasons Why She's The Most Relatable Celebrity at the Moment

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From her teenage days as a Starstruck survivor to a celebrated Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) Best Actress awardee she is now, seems like there is no stopping Jennylyn Mercado. She has been around for over a decade in the industry, but is still highly admired and sought after. With recent back – to – back TV appearances and magazine covers, topped with her latest movie that left us with so much feels, she’s definitely our #lifepeg!

Let’s have a rundown, shall we?

1. The Ultimate Survivor

Not only did she dream, she believed and is an ultimate survivor in life. Being a single mom isn’t easy, but she surely makes it seem so with how fab she is now - definitely an inspiration to women.

2. Single and Happy
Whoever said being single is equivalent to being sad needs to look at Jennylyn. She is a single mother, but she is living THE life! If you’re single and just constantly waiting for that someone, take your cue from her and improve yourself. Enough with the “Oo na, ako na mag - isa!” and stick to Walang Forever’s famous line: “Kailangan mo lang hintayin ang tamang tao sa tamang panahon, sa tamang pagkakataon”. Cheer up na, girl!

3. Fitness Goals

This 2016 aren’t we all aspiring to be fit? Admit it, it is in your declared or, okay, undeclared goals for the year! Jennylyn is the perfect fitspiration! Check out her instagram page and see how she never has an excuse to not work out.

4. That Little Hope That There Is Forever

Everyone can surely relate to #mayforever! Jennylyn knows that, but she has wise words for us: “Ang forever, tinatrabaho”. Get working for that forever you dream of!

5. Or When You Secretly Listen To Walang Forever’s Movie Playlist, Because…

Seriously, didn’t she also say “hindi ka dapat umaasa sa forever?” and because, admit it, #feels. But your kilay is still on-fleek!

6. You Have Your Karaoke Anthem And You Own It

This is a secret the whole world has. There is just that one song you feel was secretly composed for you, like your whole life has been summarized and made to fit into the song – and you sing your whole life and soul into it the way Jennylyn does. See 1:25:

We won’t judge, k?

7. Bold Lips To Conquer The Day

Kilay game so strong it could kill; what else would you need? Pair it with bold lips the way Jennlyn does on a normal day and conquer the world. As she mentioned before, lipstick is the only thing this tomboy-ish girl adds on top of her already on-fleek eyebrows. That’s literally all you need.

But still…

8. Even Wacky Selfies Are Still Flawless

As the saying goes, “Ang tunay na maganda, di takot magmukhang panget sa camera!” Just look at Jennylyn’s wacky selfies and see how perfect she still looks. With eyebrows as perfect as hers and confidence radiating through, who even needs makeup?

9. That One Bathroom Selfie

Jennylyn Mercado IS FHM’s Sexiest Woman for 2015 - and we all have these moments when we take bathroom or mirror selfies with all the awkward poses imaginable trying to achieve the perfect curves, the way her full body shots are. Jennylyn is fierce and her aura exudes a certain level of sexiness we all actually possess inside.

10. On-Fleek Eyebrows

If you follow her page, you’d see that whether she’s working – out, just being silly or even during hugot moments, her kilay game is so strong, it’s always on-fleek! Being caught barefaced is never an issue as having neat and perfectly shaped eyebrows makes anyone look polished instantly. It is one’s perfect weapon. Ever wonder how Jennyln’s eyebrows stay just like that, like, all the time? We quote: “When it comes to my eyebrows, I only trust the masters, I only trust Pretty Looks”. She is in love with their services, with multiple posts on how well they groom her eyebrows, she has got us convinced and wanting to have ours done! Excuse us as we book our services at Pretty Looks.

“Sobrang may gap and kalat-kalat kilay ko before that’s why I decided to have it fixed in Pretty Looks.”

We could go on and list more reasons why Jennylyn is our perfect #lifepeg; the single mother clearly has it all going well for herself and is still getting better! Getting to this stage surely wasn’t an easy task for her, and definitely not an overnight miracle that just happened - she made it happen, while looking gorgeous at that. If her story does not inspire you, we don’t know what else will. We’re surely keeping track of her booming career, her future heartbreaker son Jazz and her adventures… and oh, did we mention her perfect eyebrows from Pretty Looks? Yes, those deserve an award and a following of their own! :)

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