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Celebrating Australia Day at Skippy's Bar and Grill

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"Australians have very good reasons to be proud of their country. It's a country where workers can actually live on their wages and save to have a secure retirement. Just like in the Philippines, the kids can study primary and high school for free. Young people have many options to study, prepare, and build their careers. If you move to Australia, you can really build a life there, as countless migrants, asylum-seekers, and refugees have done. Truly, Australia has much to celebrate and be grateful for. Through many ups and downs over 200 years, Australians have built a fair, open, prosperous, and progressive society."

Happy Australia Day to my Aussie friends!!! or should I say, Happy Aus- Straya-Day mates? Ozzie! Ozzie! Ozzie! Oi! Oi! Oi! 

We got Australia Day off to a great start when many of us jumped off the sober January wagon to celebrate with fellow countrymen and Filipino friends at Skippy's Bar and Grill at the Forum of Bonifacio Global City (BGC) last January 26! 

My Radyo Inquirer friends and I got invited by the owners of Skippy's Bar and Grill themselves, namely Stephen and Cristina Bird, to celebrate Australia Day at their bar. I had an earlier event at a nearby restaurant along High Street so it was very convenient for me to drop by as early as their call time of 4 pm. Though I was a bit full already from the restaurant event, there's no stopping me from trying out Skippy's Bar and Grill's specialties.

But since my friend, Mr. Vigattin himself, Elison Barcelo, was not yet there, I decided to wait before I accepted the owners offer for something to drink and eat. I was also still full that time so waiting was the best option to make room for the new dishes that they will be serving us.

A few days ago, I was reading online about Chris Hemsworth being an Australia Day Ambassador so I remembered the SMS invitation sent by Cristina of Skippy's Bar and Grill. Thus, I quickly made a reply to their message asking for the time the celebration will start.

I quickly got a reply of 4 pm so it was alright since my earlier event would start at 11 am. That's plenty of time for the first event held at a high-end Chinese restaurant somewhere at High Street. Skippy's Bar and Grill was just a few steps away from the Chinese restaurant giving me plenty of time to still relax, chat and have coffee with fellow bloggers before packing up my gear and heading forth to the Australian restaurant.

I'm so always an early bird most of the time so this day seems to prove that I could also win an award for being one of the most punctual bloggers out there. I was the very first blogger to arrive at the Chinese restaurant and needless to say, I was also the first one at Skippy's Bar and Grill. Though there were already a number of customers, I don't know anyone else yet except the owners who were already very busy entertaining their guests.

You got to love the Koala Bear, and everything else inside the bar that reminds you of Australia. Stephen, or we call him Steve, introduced me to some of his mates so I could get a video message from them for my blog, and was glad everyone was game to speak out in front of a camera.

Special acknowledgement to Paris, that adorable lady with the hat, who was more than willing to entertain us while I took videos of her dancing the night away like there's no tomorrow. She even stood on top of a table to show everyone her moves.

This guy and his gal was also game in shouting out to the world how he's having fun hanging out at Skippy's Bar and Grill on Australia Day. He has been hearing me giving the others directions on what to say on camera so when his time came to talk, he was all primed and prepared to give his best shot.

Apparently, Australians love drinking but Australia Day is not another excuse to get hammered in a bar with our Aussie friends. It is a night of gathering where everyone joined in with gusto and celebrated Australia Day. Thanks to the newly renovated Skippy's billiard table, some of the guests drank while sinking in those balls.

The darts were not that busy since the billiards was obviously more fun to play with.

It was wonderful to see the friendships, fun, laughter and love on a day when all are so proud of this multicultural country. To witness their broad smiles and excitement was very special.

When Elison finally arrived, I was already drinking a glass of Skippy's lemonade. He ordered Pineapple juice while Cristina had some coffee. Too bad we forgot to take photos of the four of us. Everyone was just so busy with everything that's going on in and outside the bar which is a common sight at Skippy's Bar and Grill. Here you won't get lonely as everyone is friendly and approachable.

Cajun Pizza
Cristina had us try two of their best pizzas - the Cajun Pizza and the Shawarma Pizza - which were both a bit spicy but very good. The pizzas can be an attractive reason why people should hang out more at this bar. Since it was a bit dark inside the bar due to dark tables and ceilings, the photos may be a bit dark too. But all you need to do is just taste them to immediately brighten up your day.

Shawarma Pizza
Among the two pizzas, I would pick the Shawarma Pizza as the better one in both taste and health reasons. Both had me order another glass of lemonade that perfectly matches with all the food at Skippy's. 

Beef Pie
The Beef Pie was served hot but we had to take time taking photos so it was already just warm when we opened it up to start eating it. It would have been more sensational to see us put a hole into that Beef Pie while it was still hot. I'm positive attracted to the taste, but the beef inside could probably use a bit more to make it more filling. There's enough bread as a side dish and on the main dish itself.

Chicken Wings
The Chicken Wings are a favorite at Skippy's Bar and Grill not only because of its sweet satisfactory taste but also because it's so affordable. I think they still have a promo to make these wings really almost for free if you buy some drinks from the bar. It was so good we had to take home the rest that we could not finish that night.

Skippy's Hotdog
The Hotdog Sandwich with fries on the sides was an excellent choice. I would never get tired of munching this treat. Best served hot so the bread won't get hard. The fries were not salty and better than the ones at fast food joints.

1 Liter Cocktail
I thought the biggest surprise that night of Australia Day was the 1 Liter Cocktail - it was a cocktail drink served in a giant 1 liter cocktail glass. They have other cocktails so this is just one of them. Imagine yourself drinking this humongous beauty infront of your friends. Now that's a sight that's Instagram worthy.

Jayson and Peter Bird of Skippy's Bar and Grill
I also got to convince Steve and his partner Jayson to give us a short video message. Now you really have to watch it for I had fun getting bloopers out from it too.

With Stephen Bird of Skippy's Bar and Grill
It may have been a Tuesday night, but the people that night seems to be just getting started because when Elison and I left, the bar was still full of people. 

I believe most of my Down Under friends had such many feel good stories to share that the night was not enough time for everything. I would like to thank them for that because we need heaps more feel good stories in this troubled world.

This festive season often drags out until after Australia Day where many find themselves indulging in the superb drinks and dishes that the Aussie bar serves. You could never go wrong with Skippy's Bar and Grill.

What's the end story out from this event? I put on a few pounds, gained an accent, and now considering moving to Australia real soon. Lol!

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