Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Arrogance of People Heightens When in Social Media

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Social media has its positive points, but many have been also using it to bully those they believe are inferior and does not meet their high standards.

Many of us believe we are faultless and fail to see that big lump of mole right smacked in the middle of our foreheads. If we really care for the community, we do not shame, harass, bad-mouth, or alienate our fellow men. Instead, we should try to work it out as decent grown-ups.

Madalas kasi, kapag inuna mo ang pakikipag-away, defensive siyempre agad ang kabilang party. So instead na magka-ayos, lalo lang nagkakagulo at lumalala.

Please do not single out a certain online community and generalize them as sole perpetrators of these acts. Even the so-called number one blog or online magazine in the Philippines post press releases as is.FYI...some PRs give options to just copy-paste or edit as preferred, but copying an "entire article" from other publications should never be tolerated unless there was permission from the original source or author. This has been debated on just recently.

I think the real reason people block you is because you confront them publicly with disrespect with the sole intent to humiliate rather than help. We can see naman that you have your own share of typos, arrogance and mistakes.

If you have a personal grudge against an individual or an entire community, talk to him/her/them privately. Peace.

Daanin na lang natin ito sa ma-boteng usapan. :)

Confidence or arrogance? There's now a thin line separating the two.

It's OK to "police" the community but let us not be so trigger-happy to immediately pull the trigger of that damn shame gun without giving the perceived perpetrator a chance to explain. The ricochet may backfire on us. It's called "karma" and its what keeping everything in balance.

Parang sex lang yan. Huwag nating itutok at iputok agad-agad. Dapat mayroon munang foreplay. We need to get laid more often para malaman natin kung paano mag-motivate so our partner will reach an orgasm. Let us know how to work on her G-spot instead of makaraos lang.

Huwag tayo laging nakatutok sa computer or smartphone/phablet and rumor-mongering as a pastime. Ang hirap kasi sa atin, gusto lahat ay kasing-talino, logical at bait natin. Hindi natin alam na baka may private and personal stories behind the issues that only the people directly involved has the need to know.

We are the real nuisances to society if we perceive ourselves as righteous and faultless without offering any concrete solutions. Puro tayo reklamo at pansin sa kapwa natin eh hanggang social media lang naman ang diskarte at tapang natin.

There's the real world out there to explore and meet people of unique personalities. We need to know how each one ticks before we can really know how to appropriately deal with them.

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