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PiliPinas Debates 2016: Wrapped Up Thoughts and Opinions

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"This isn't a personality contest. This is not a show for entertainment. This is a show to educate voters." - Miriam Defensor-Santiago

No one won the debate. The only awards are Best Speaker, Best Friendship Goals, Best in Advertising, & Best in Drama. That wasn't a debate, that was speed dating. Tell me your dreams, hopes and aspirations and let me see if I like you. It's a fishbowl questions, randomly selected, they prioritize in general need of all people.

It would've been a better debate if there weren't commercial breaks. Extended talk time + better debatable topics. Why are commercials longer than the debate itself?! More time for debate, less time for ads.

What were the most quotable quotes? What are your takeaways from the event? Were you satisfied with their answers? Who impressed you the most?

We should've had a drinking game while watching:take a shot everytime "daang matuwid" or "decisiveness" is mentioned. "I want to be Pres. because I want Filipinos to be free to dream. I want them to have the kind of life I lead." says Mar Roxas
"Why am I here? I am here because I love this country, and the Filipino people." Rodrigo Duterte asserts his 3 to 6 months promise to clean up Philippines by saying "I will stop drugs, crime and corruption in 3-6 months. There is so much corruption & drugs but nobody is minding this problem." Miriam Defensor-Santiago closes with "there should be academic excellence, head of class, professional excellence, walang bahid rin."

DuRiam love team is also here. AlDub, KathNiel and JaDine are shook.
"Unless we come up with a new guard, nothing short than federalism can appease the people of Mindanao" says Rodrigo Duterte. "with the failure of the BBL, there is a great hurt, you have to right the wrong done to Moro people" he emphasizes.
Miriam Defensor-Santiago hits good point of realistic funding vs the beautiful promises of other candidates! "These are all promises way up in the sky, the program of gov't of many officials in the public office."

"My first executive order will be freedom of information." says Grace Poe. This was the same promise that Pnoy made also during a debate a few years ago. FOI never happened. She may be too idealistic. She has so many plans but with no assurance how it will be put into reality. How will she get the funds for those promises?

Aren't you kinda bit upset with Jejomar Binay who's always basing his experiences on what he did as a Mayor but not as Vice President? "We need to face the problem of poverty. Stop under-spending, it leads to under-performance." says Jejomar Binay

Mar Roxas criticizes Binay's performance in Makati which Binay rebutted with "Ewan ko kung saan nakuha ni Mar Roxas ang kanyang statistics." 

All candidates were very articulate, but not all delivered their messages well. Mar Roxas is bad as a communicator. Grace Poe is too canned but good in Public Speaking but how about in action? Jejomar Binay was the weakest link, but let us see if he will shine bright like a diamond, or remain like a coal, in the next debate.

My suggestion for the next #PiliPinasDebates2016 is for them to take out the Misss Universe Fish bowl. Match candidates based on policy difference so real debate ensues.

Today was a good kick-off despite some palpable hitches. Just in case you might want to watch the other scheduled debates in the coming days! Pin and mark your calendars for #PilipinasDebates2016 schedule.


Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Grace Poe opened and closed strong. Rodrigo Duterte opened a bit weak but closed strong. Mar Roxas and Jejomar Binay were not even in the race. The first three were like the lead guitarist, vocalist, and drummer of the band. The other two played the triangle. Poe, the HEART. Duterte, the HAND. Miriam, the MIND. Binay and Roxas, NEVERMIND.

Best closing statement award for Grace Poe! There's even a synthesis. What's with the drama in Mar's closing speech? Teleserye ba ito!?

On EDCA, Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Grace Poe were quite good. Ratification of international treaties is a Senate job. These are women of conviction.

This debate seems so incomplete. Some bits just made me go.."whuut?" There needs to be more talk on issues such as LGBT and FOI. Not a single question on the lumad killings? Or mining issues? These are important Mindanao and national concerns. I hope the questions will focus on issues and the format will minimize mudslinging among candidates. Let the weeding out process begin.

Philippine voters usually base their decisions more on emotion rather than wisdom. Election campaigns should be “caravans of intellectual discourse” and not a “circus.” We need to be smarter to choose the next President, after all, our selves is at stake. Choose wisely. Think 100 times more ,our future is at stake. Voting is a lot like love. We're not looking for a perfect someone. We're looking for someone who's right and worth it. Vote for the one who mirrors your morals!

A message to the incoming President of this country, we need action not just words and promises. May the next president create a big and successful change in our country. All hope shall be restored.

I am hoping to see Ms Karen Davila as one of the moderators in ABS CBN's turn for #PiliPinasDebates2016

"Good luck to you, good luck to all of us. May this country become what God has meant for it to be..."- Miriam Defensor-Santiago

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