Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Monstrous September On Animal Planet

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Beware! The terrifying beasts of the Earth are making a monstrous return on Monster Week this September, as Animal Planet has got you covered with six new series lined up in a jam-packed month of suspense and terror that will keep you at the edge of your seats. It is all about survival of the fittest and no one is exempt, whether man or beast!

Start Monster Week by braving the cold and darkness of Churchill, Canada, the Polar Bear Capitol of the World in DEADLY AFTER DARK: POLAR BEAR INVASION. Every fall, this remote subarctic outpost of 800 is invaded by 1,000 starving bears, migrating north for the winter… along with thousands of curious tourists. For two stress-filled months, it is survival of the fittest, man-versus-beast- style. And for locals dependent on tourist money, it's the chance to earn a year's salary in a matter of weeks - if they can stay alive. This is high-stakes living in every way.

Experience the frightening winters with the polar bears of Churchill in DEADLY AFTER DARK: POLAR BEAR INVASION premiering September 14, Monday at 9PM.

There’s a killer on the loose. Ten people are dead - three eaten. Each time, the killer slips away. Using state-of-the-art tools and centuries-old techniques, hunters and forestry officers head out to find the murderous beast. The public lives in terror and the government will do anything to stop the bloodshed. But the search area is vast and stealth is the killer's greatest asset. Can they stop the beast in time before another person dies?

Be part of the chase in SERIAL KILLER TIGER AT LARGE premiering September 15, Tuesday at 9PM.

Another animal is on the loose as expert hunter Jett Webb doggedly pursuits Hogzilla, a legendary wild boar three times larger, smarter and more dangerous than any other. Hogzilla has been terrorizing the quiet farming communities of Eastern North Carolina for many years. Although Jett is a Carolina native with decades of hunting experience, it will take more than just his knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment to slay the beast. Just when it seems like Jettt has the monster cornered, Hogzilla stays one step ahead of him - and each time he fails to get the monster in his crosshairs, Hogzilla continues his reign of terror.

Join Jett as he attempts to outwit the beast in THE HUNT FOR HOGZILLA premiering September 15, Tuesday at 10PM.

Giant Asian hornets are a nightmare of evolution. One hundred times the bulk of honeybees, their stingers pierce like blazing hot metal, their venom melting flesh and cells, clogging kidneys with deadly waste and stopping vital nerve functions. Just one giant hornet can kill a full-grown man. And these deadly predators are invading human territory more and more as they spread further and further west of the United States.

A brave group of hunters will stop at nothing to drive back the swarm. Using the newest techniques and weapons, they may be our only hope.

Catch the battle between man and hornet in KILLER HORNETS FROM HELL premiering September 16, Wednesday at 9PM.

Deep in the woods of Maryland, four survivors of violent animal attacks gather to share their harrowing tales. From grizzly bears to mountain lions, Shannon, Wade, Louie and Deb have experienced the unimaginable and lived to tell their stories. For Louie and Wade, their story begins deep in the brush of British Columbia where they worked as timber men. Shannon’s story takes place along a narrow trail in the California hills, while Deb’s attack occurred on a dark night in Yellowstone National Park. Though all the attacks are different, these four survivors share a bond that most people will never understand. By sharing their stories, they may better come to terms with their own.

Listen to some of the best survival stories in MAULED premiering September 17, Thursday at 9PM.

Mona Island is overrun by boars infected by a highly contagious microbe. It is also home to the most forbidding and hostile landscapes known to man. A group of men are tasked with hunting these dangerous creatures, but will the island hunt them? Monster Week ends with MONSTER ISLAND AKA FERAL ISLAND premiering September 19, Saturday at 9PM.

Have a breather from all the monsters with MEET THE ORANGUTANS, a window into the extraordinary daily drama at the world’s first-ever Orangutan Sanctuary where over thirty orphaned ginger terrors rule the roost. Led by Orangutan Fairy Godmother Sue Sheward, a dedicated team of vets, nurses, rangers and volunteers has just one aim: to return their endangered young charges to the wild.

Take a tour of the first-ever Orangutan Sanctuary in the new series MEET THE ORANGUTANS airing Mondays, 9:30PM.

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