Thursday, August 6, 2015

Mikey Bustos Performs a One-Man Band Act with Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Frank: Mikey, who's Stan Kilig?
Mikey: Frank! It's Stanky leg!
Frank: Instant Kilig?
Mikey: Hay, Nako! I'll break your leg!
Frank: Break 'em?

The lines above is a short skit that Pinoy Boy and YouTube sensation Mikey Bustos added to his newest YouTube video upload called the Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) One Man Band/ A cappella/ Voice & Mouth Only. It's a conversation between Mikey and one of his fictional character played by himself. The new video now highlights again Mikey's other equally fabulous talent of mixing voices to create one magical piece. He created a one-man band performance to please our senses.

Mikey is like a mixologist here concocting the perfect Margarita! There's more to this video than just the primary ingredients of tequila and orange liqueur. The nine individuals (differentiated by uniquely designed caps) that you see on screen is composed of keyboard, bass drum, snare, bells, snap, wingman, synth 1, synth 2, snap and the lead, had an additional character named Frank to provide the comic input to an already amazing merging of voices and sound.

If you count all the characters, they make a perfect 10! Just like the recent event that I attended where a mixologist made a demo of his idea of a perfect Margarita, the popular party and bar drink was also made out of 8 other ingredients added to the tequila and orange liqueur. The end result was a perfect Margarita!

Mikey Bustos' work can be considered more than perfect because he has so much talent to share that I imagine it as overflowing already! Like the bottomless iced tea and free-flowing coffee at many of the event organizers flaunt to their guests, I see myself sipping those drinks non-stop even if it makes me visit the men's room often. Like dining at those popular buffet restaurants where you can't just have enough room in your belly to squeeze in all those sumptuous cuisines from all over the world, I would often go into a food coma and hate it when I don't have room for more.

The best thing about Mikey's work is that they are freely available in YouTube so I can come back and watch it again and again. But I like watching Mikey's new videos from start to finish with no interruptions because I enjoy the surprises and shock value it gives. When he has a new video out, I won't dare miss every second of Mikey's style of entertainment even when there's a pause command on YouTube.

If there wasn't a pause, I imagine myself glued to the screen regardless of what happens around me. Just as how I am able to manage to hold my pee while the action-packed scenes of Mission Impossible Rogue Nation was currently running on the big screen the other day during its special advance screening, it always gives me greater pleasure, coupled with a smile and most often a laughter, every time I am able to watch one of his new videos non-stop at its full for the very first time.

So Imagine what happens when I see that buffering symbol in the middle of the screen when my Internet goes slow and cranky. Riot!

Keep up the good work, Mikey! Continue to give us entertainment at its best! Leave a very memorable legacy!

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