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Supergirl TV Series: Spoiler Alert for Superman's Cousin Now Flying on TV

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The whole plot in 5 minutes and 34 seconds. Nice.

It's not a bird, it's not a plane, it's not a man, it's the girl from Glee.. not as hot as Smallville's Supergirl, but very cool SUPER GIRL!

Melissa Benoist plays Kara Danvers in the new TV series simply called Supergirl.

Soooo....Superman gets an angst-laden blockbuster action movie franchise...and Supergirl gets a rom com series. They make her character seem unsure of herself, insecure, vulnerable... how women are typically portrayed. If they ditch the corny "oh poor weak me where is my true love" music it might stand a chance to be successful. Superman gets a sweeping score for music and Supergirl is a chick rock fling. Remember, girls just want to have fun.

The hype is real. She's Marley from Glee, playing Superman's cousin ...and I don't really need to say much because the trailer seems to have told the entire first episode. After watching that trailer, I don't really see the need to watch the show. That six minutes was really all it has to offer. For a second I thought it was an SNL spoof of how movies treat females as adorable little idiots. This really reminds me of the black widow SNL skit.

The trailer started out well, but then it became cheesy and started doing what J.J. Abrams did with Star Trek.... it started to "mock" the franchise it is based off of.

Get ready for the enormous uproar about Jimmy Olsen being black. Jimmy Olsen, now being played by Mehcad Brooks, is supposed to be red hair, freckles with glasses guy...what happened? Other than that, I can't wait for this show. Though it's not explosive enough for me because it looks like a super powered chick flick.

I really can't get over the black bald guy. Seriously, I don't like a big buff Jimmy Olsen! Where did that came from? Also, why do they always feel the need to mix in a black guy/gal in all of these? These extra characters like Jimmy Olsen, nerdy frail red haired photographer is now 6'2" lanky and bald African American. Let's say I'm fine with Jimmy Olsen being black, but he should still be a nerd.

Even in the Golden Age and Silver Age comic all the way until the new 52 Jimmy Olsen was Caucasian male, then in the Man of Steel they changed him to a female (Jenny Olsen), now they changed him yet again.

Dude, we have Blade, Black Panther, the new Human Torch, The new Spider-Man is Puerto Rican and his name is Miles Morales, Spawn, War Machine, Bishop, Psylocke is Asian, the Rock is going to play Shazam/Captain Marvel. We're in there, but mostly everyone is right. The creators of the comics visualize them white so it is what it is.

The one playing as Kara's boss is the one who played Ally McBeal: Calista Flockhart!

I can never stop seeing that actress (the one who was her mother on Kripton) as Cuddy from the TV show House. Lol!

We all know that DC is breaking barriers in a different timeline and in view of the situation, this is going to be a work in progress. We all know that DC has a way to just pull the plug on their own shows, I can't wait to see how this will go.

Another female hero being but in a bullshit romantic comedy situation. This weekly show is obviously going to be a little more "cheesy" than the movies. Though it seems to be marketed to young females, looks condescending and insulting towards the intended target audience.

The story line looks crap, too much human lives, typical girl doing this and that for her boss than turn out to be someone amazing. Doesn't it ring a bell, there's an old show I used to watch where the story line is exactly like this one. The show has a Devil Wears Prada vibe. The only difference, the girl has super powers and is Supergirl. 

The idea we're gonna face a cataclysmic alien race is so old. The sterotypes and the same old shit is making me barf.

As a Smallville fan since the beginning I'm curious how they will do this show. Smallville showed Clark's journey from a high school freshman into becoming Superman and Supergirl shows her as a woman becoming a superhero.

The Man of Steel comes out, and people say it was too dark. They make a Supergirl show and try to make it more lighthearted, and people say it looks corny or too Disney-ish.... What will it take to make people happy?!

But I thought DC was supposed to be going darker. You know, as a foil to Marvel's more lighthearted approach. I thought DC was trying to separate themselves by going grittier and more serious. How is this show going to fit in with the new superman approach? I can't picture this Supergirl and the Superman in Dawn of Justice being connected.

I feel like they totally miss her character by making her so compliant. What happened to the rough around the edges, brash, Angelina Joliene, butt kicking, no ass kissing Super Girl from the old TV show. This girl is to nice and sweet. Sadly, this want make look women stronger, or better on TV. It's girly and teenie, nothing serious, so sad.

How about the moves? Found it boring, she needs more swag. It needs more smashing heads through walls. Come on! We all know women are crazier and more hardcore than men.

In my opinion the Helen Slater movie was better. But who am I kidding, it was a movie and this is a TV series.

If you are a comic book fan, this show was NOT MADE FOR YOU. It's simple math. Are they trying to appeal to the millions who watch prime time TV or the few thousand who bought the last Supergirl comic? Do the math.

This is a different toned show also with a female lead. In order for the superhero genre to survive we can't just keep putting out the same stuff that everyone has seen. So I think this will be an interesting take.

This is the age of superheroes on movies and television. Enjoy while it lasts because we had so many damn cop shows it's ridiculous.

We live in a society where change is inevitable. This show may inspire some young girl to be strong, and voice out her opinion. You'll never know how this show would affect others in an inspiring way. 

Women rock this world!!! And until you can spread your legs, give birth, take a shower and go back to work sometimes in less than 12 hours, shut the •••• up!

While it may be true there are some amazing men out there who do step up to the plate, the ones that don't ...... Sadly tip the scale!

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