Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Impact of Technology on Present Generation Learners

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During today’s time, it is not surprising why more and more people are owners of electronic tablets, smart phones, touch-screen laptops, and the like. All sorts of electronic devices-all the fruits of the past generations’ efforts when it comes to their respective fields, especially in science and technology-are arising in this dynamic world. In short, technology is advancing rapidly. Consequently, this fact triggers this “domino effect” in many areas like medicine, art, not to mention nearly everyone’s overall lifestyle. One of these major areas is instruction or education.

Although technology might be our best asset when comes to the art of instruction and learning, it might also be a drawback, depending on how we use it. Our latest improvements include e-books, projectors, scientific and automatic tools like statistical calculators-which are extremely handy in works such as theses and dissertations-and the like. All inventions are inspired by the inventors’ ideas, needs and aspirations to create them, as well as good old-fashioned hard work. Now, with the aid of the internet, the answers to their three-page-long research assignment are just a few clicks away. No longer do they need to go to their local library to find books and other written articles, which is the advantage; however, because of this, they aren’t gaining experience, which is one of the prime objectives of research: to be familiar with this method of exploring and investigating.

Even though most of our lives have been made convenient by these accomplishments, research says that more of today’s students find studying hard as a mere option and not a responsibility. There are fewer students who find time to read academic texts and would enjoy all the various applications on their gadgets or watch a movie on their smart televisions instead. Even though compact disks were invented already, students do these more because of the improved convenience. They tend to cram when major exam dates arrive. Some even prefer to sleep while a lecture is in session because they know they can find it online later at home. This also ruins another objective of formal education: to develop not only critical thinking skills but also simple practices called reading, listening, remembering, and traits like tactfulness, awareness and so on.

Another effect of education on today’s learners is that it provides a vaster array of choices. Students are less bound-unlike the educational timeline before, forcing students to just decide on a program even if they do not like it-and can expand horizons. Students now know about what program they prefer when they reach college thanks to K to 12 and the increasing availability of college programs. They are more exposed to professional careers. Although learners focus more on the finished products of others rather than produce their own considerable achievements, nowadays, if ever they are enthusiastic to learn more, they are free to do just that, with ease and with quality.

Significant changes are currently being implemented nowadays. The big boost in the field of technology has even more. All these elements being modified; the educational system really distinguishable compared to that beforehand, what is to expect from the students? Everyone knows that they themselves plus their lifestyles are changing as well. Technology’s impact on education may not be noticeable directly, but all these indirect actions’ outcomes will surely surface, and hopefully, with support and ambition towards the right track, may it be for the better of the country.

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  1. I agree with this article. It shows us the impact of our growing technology have a positive and a negative effect on us, like our study habits which is shown in this article. Nice job~!

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