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New Years Resolution: What to Do Everyday to Make Us Proud of the Year

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I can't believe its already been a year. I couldn't stop the unflinching march of time as it quickly progressed from now into my future. Though my memories are less of the nitty-gritty details, the past year was like only yesterday - still so vivid and will forever be cherished.

2014 was a special year for me. Aside from all the amazing things I got to experience, I somehow fulfilled all of my New Years Resolution for the very first time! But I will sometimes still ask myself if I became a better person after all the accomplishments.

If  we did make a last year and failed to accomplish it, just remember that it was never easy to discipline ourselves to do positive and sudden, sometimes abrupt, changes like living a healthier life. Know that it is a lifestyle change. It doesn't happen overnight. Stick with it for a long while, even for another year, until it finally becomes habitual and routine.

New year, new goals, new challenges! When we have strength, passion and dedication, there is no goal we can't achieve. We don't have to set huge goals that require a lot of work and willpower. Keep it simple and attainable. The rest, and bigger achievements, will soon follow.

Aside from remembering to write 2015 instead of 2014, here are some ideas of New Years Resolutions we may want to apply as our own:

1. Stop whoring around on the Internet. Not too many people would want to hear about everything that's happening in our lives (unless we're a celebrity). Try to keep our personal life a little more private and confined to close friends only.
2. Stop competing with others. Empower one another.  Don't tear each other down. Build each other up.
3. Do not to use the Lord's name in vain while doing trivial stuff. Though it seems we feel more connected with the higher being, an expression like OMG does not count as a prayer.

4. Clean up our room (or house) from garbage. Rummaging through piles of old stuff doing general cleaning may be hard work but is quite necessary to re-organize our life. Put out the still useful things in a garage sale, or just give them away to friends and neighbors.
5. Be kind to animals. Remember that animals are sentient beings who feel fear, pain, and grief, just like humans.
6. Become a list maker. Making lists would help us to not only organize our lives, but get things done.
7. Make reading a habit. May it be an e-book, a new magazine, or a blog. Loads of ace writers covering all sorts of subjects are preferred.
8. Eat less junk and get fitter. Eat more fruits and veggies and avoid being tempted by those sweet and sugary delicacies. Organic may be more expensive but a lot better in the long run.
9. Appreciate the creativity, humor and beauty around you. Though there are a lot of negativity, there are also so many positive attributes around that we should adapt and implement it in our own life.
10. Always get a good night's sleep. If we sleep better, we're more likely to wake up more refreshed and re-energized to stick to these resolutions.

There are a lot more worthwhile tasks that can be added to this top ten list. It should be never-ending since life should be a continuous learning and improvement process. However, we should also remember that we could not really do everything in our lifetime no matter how persistent we are to reach perfection. We need to set attainable goals that are possible within our lifetime.

Yesterday is the past, tomorrow's the future, but today's a gift. Make 2015 a year we would want to remember and be always ready to face any challenges that might be foolish enough to face us.

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