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#CavEAT: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour (Second Day Wrap Up)

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The second day of our #CavEAT: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour was more of a leisure walk in the park compared to the first day. There was nobody screaming out loud this time but surprisingly some of us somehow still got wet at one of the activities that we tried out. What was more evident were the sincere smiles and laughter from everyone.

The #CavEAT: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour is a Tourism Advocacy Campaign to help generate online buzz for the upcoming Cavinti Water Sports Olympics: 1st International Competition happening on February 8-14, 2015. We were there to visit the site where the event will take place and to tour the other places where visitors could also check out to give them more reasons to agree when we say "It's More Fun in Cavinti" as well.

The early morning wake-up call of the numerous roosters around our improvised sleeping quarters at the Villa Oliveros Resort were no longer necessary since majority of us were already awake due to the 3 am earthquake. The rest who slept even during the earthquake were apparently dead tired from all the climbing we did during our descent down the Cavinti Falls through the metal ladders or stairs designed to test our endurance and courage against our fear of heights.

Honestly, I didn't take a bath in the morning because I already almost froze to death last night when I took a shower. It's quite a challenge taking a bath here at Cavinti due to the cold weather. I just hope nobody was smelling me secretly (and dying of the scent) during the tour. Poor seatmates in the jeepney. Lol!

The roosters all over the place will wake you up early in the morning

Breakfast was eggs and chicken that made me wonder if it was the China Chickens we saw hanging around the entrance of the dining area during last night's dinner time. Hahaha!  Those chickens were so domesticated that they were not running away from us.

It's rooster heaven here at Villa Oliveros Resort
This is where we had dinner and breakfast at the Villa Oliveros Resort
Bloggers (2nd batch) having breakfast. We were the early risers so we got to eat first and enjoy a few minutes of roaming around the Villa Oliveros Resort

Bridge at Villa Oliveros Resort, our home for the night

Our trusted means of transportation was still the jeepney - one of the truly iconic symbol of the Philippines. They say you've never fully experience being in the Philippines if you haven't rode on a jeepney yet. With the breeze of cool fresh air in Cavinti, who needs air-conditioning?

Ye Olde Jeepney of the Oliveros Family

Our itinerary for the second day started with a visit to the Cavinti Church or otherwise called the Transfiguration Parish. We got there while the mass was still ongoing so we had to wait for a while so they can tour us around and up into the church tower or belfry.

Welcome to Cavinti Church, built in 1621
Transfiguration Parish is the other name of the Cavinti Church
The glorious Cavinti Church

The altar at Cavinti Church
The church bell at Cavinti Church

While we were at the belfry examining and taking photos of the bell, somebody was being naughty, or curious, that he or she pulled the bell rope from below causing it to ring out loud. The bell should only be rang for certain church occasions and when there is an emergency to warn people of impending danger.

Lumot Lake - this is where the big event will take place
Next stop was a short but intimate glimpse of the Lumot Lake, the venue of the Cavinti Watersports Fest. We had a few minutes of photo ops at the lake and even group shots in the middle of the street while there were no vehicles passing by.

Ever so hopeful he gets to catch some fishes that day
  The water may not be blue but I'm betting its rich in marine life. The best place to catch a fish.

Under the shade of a tree

There were some people at Lumot Lake that were fishing. It was a great day to sit around under the shade of the trees around the lake while your fishing rod is waiting for a catch.

Welcome to Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort golf club

We then proceeded to the Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort that's divided into two parts - a golf club and an adventure and leisure park. We tried some Golf 101 after eating a delectable Pinoy breakfast at the golf club.

Breakfast at Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort

Welcome to the luxurious Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort golf club

Golf 101 at Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort golf club
They are obviously undergoing repair or maintenance but the beauty of the place is still evident all around.
Some golfers from a far can be seen at the background
Main objective: To hit that golf ball as far as possible - at the intended direction!
It's a lot harder to do golf even with guidance from expert golfers. Must practice to be elite!
If you're not into golf then the adventure park is a great way to spend teh day at Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort where you can experience zipline, kayaking, paddle boat, water slide, boat ride and other cool stuff that would also get you wet and wild.

The water slide looks fun! Too bad we don't have the luxury of time to try all of these activities.
They also have a pool here! Though it was drizzling that time and too cold to dip into the waters.
Zipline!!! Nuff said!
We're going on a boat ride!
Boat ride around the lake. Going back to our point of origin had a surprise!
Fishing Village at Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort
Patience is a virtue. Bite fish bite!
Though it may take an eternity before you get a bite from those fishes, its the perfect bonding opportunity to chat with your loved ones while you wait for the fishes to get caught in your bait.

There's a poser at the kayak!

If you don't have enough patience, then there's kayaking or the paddle boat that will let you and a friend float out into the lake and explore the wonders of the lake - nature at its best.

There's a lot more activities in store for you here like horse back riding, and the other activities designed for team-building challenges, which we were not able to try due to time constraints but would love to do on our return.

Lago Fishing village have several choices for accommodations - from comfy rooms to closer to nature huts
The owner toured us around the Lago Fishing Village
Just look at that bed!
This is the most elegant bed they have at Lago Fishing Village
More rooms available at Lago Fishing Village
They have Swan Boats that you can use to roam the lake
There's the bridge that we crossed to feed the fishes
These huts have their own personal bathroom inside so you don't have to pee just anywhere
Going loco over coco -nuts trees all over. You can see how big the property is and the room accommodations they have at the background
Here fishy fishy! Come get your fish food!
Meet Doogie the Pug, or was it Pugie? Is there a resemblance? Lol!
Merienda time of pancit and egg sandwich at Lago Fishing Village
Everyone all gathered to eat and watch another cultural dance presentation from the youth of Cavinti
Another cultural dance presentation performed by the same youth we met at the Camarin Resort

At the Japanese Garden of Cavinti
I've seen a lot of bridge at Cavinti. Even at our last stop.
It looks like there's more stairs to climb here at the Japanese Garden
I really do not know what this place is since everything's written in Japanese
Something like a commemorative symbol
Can anybody tell me what this is?
Stairsd. More Fun in Cavinti. Here at the Japanese Garden
The end of the Japanese Garden? They say there's twin falls somewhere father at the end but its private property so not many people can have access to it
The Japanese Garden is also a favorite place to hang around with your loved ones - from families to sweethearts :)
Cavinti Spillway
We wanted to see the sunset that day so we could take photos but we were just too worried we might miss the 6:00 pm trip back to Manila. We just contented ourselves in taking a photo of the Cavinti Spillway.

It turns out we wouldn't be able to ride on the trip since it was already full when we got there, so we had to wait for the 7:30 pm bus. That was a long waiting time doing nothing but browsing our social media accounts and checking our emails. It was a good thing I brought along my pocket Wi-Fi. Though it was not very useful at some places due to poor Internet connection, I was still able to send a few posts on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Part two and three of the ‪#‎CavEAT‬: Eco Adventure Tour featuring the second day of touring Cavinti, Laguna.

Part 2:

There are so much to share about our experience and I couldn't really put everything here in one blog article so I divided the adventure into two. Still, it was not enough to fully immortalize the memorable days at Cavinti, Laguna. I also made videos divided into three parts - one video for Day One and two videos for Day Two wrap ups of our tour. Check them out at the Wazzup Pilipinas YouTube Channel.

Check out our first day adventure here:

The #CavEAT: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour was organized by Herald C. Bebis for the Municipality of Cavinti headed by Hon. Mayor Milbert Oliveros. The event is fully supported by the Municipal Tourism Office, DigitalFilipino, Pelikula Padayon, Caliraya Lake Mountain Resort, Camarin Resort and Lago Fishing Village

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  1. Great narrative of your experience during the #CavEAT Ross! Thanks much. See you again soon.

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